• In the gloomy corners of a high school, there sits a girl who is a freshman that just stares into space. Her heart was stolen by a boy that was older than her. He was a senior.
    She couldn't let go of those feelings, she just had to have him.
    "Why, why won't you notice me?" She mouthed out as she gave a gloomy smile. She was aching for his smile, his touch, his voice.
    Rain started to pour, but she had no desire to run away from the tears falling from the sky. It was probably the only natural force around her that felt the same way. No one really understood her.
    Even her family looked down at her like she was someone that didn't belong.
    A mistake.
    That's what she was though her family's eyes. The only items that made her forget about that hatred towards her was her pencil, pen, eraser, and notebook.
    With those four items, she would either write or draw her emotions out.
    Although it was raining, she decided to write her thoughts out on paper. Just writing his name in her notebook made her heart pound faster.
    She tried to keep her note book as dry as she could, but it wasn't doing too much.
    The bell rang for first period to start, and she frantically tries to sort everything out in her bag. She rushes towards her first class of the day, forgetting her notebook on the walkway that her crush once bumped into her on accident. That was when she fell in love with him though.
    You may call it "fool's love" or "Love that is not meant to last", but she believed that one day he would notice her.
    Right when first period started, she snuck her iPod out and popped her headphones in her ears and turned it on having her hair block out signs that she was listening to music. She hated all of her classes, but they were mandatory so there was no objection to not transfer to another class.
    She started to look though the messenger bag that she always carried around her and tried to find her notebook to finish writing her story, but it was missing.
    Her expression turned into a shocked look and beads of sweat started to pour down her forehead.
    If anyone finds this notebook, I'm in trouble!! They'll know my secret because of my name on the cover, but not only that, they'll know all of my classes I'm taking!! s**t!! She thought in her head as she started to become a lot more frantic.
    It was her mistake in the first place for writing her classes in there, she just kept it there to make sure she was going to the correct class everyday.
    During the whole first period, she just kept on shifting around and was almost given a referral for unnecessary movement in class.
    When the bell rang for recess, she quickly dashed out of her classroom and ran towards the spot she was sitting in before the school bell rang.
    There was no sign of it.
    She was doomed.
    She dragged her feet slowly towards her next class, and started to tear up.
    Her heart felt like it ripped in two, she was never going to be the same again.
    She made her way to the door and inside the classroom was "him".
    She couldn't believe that he was in the same classroom as her. That's when she saw her notebook in his hands.
    "That's my notebook!" She exclaimed in shock, embarrassment, and relief.
    "So it's your's? I had a feeling it was, after all I have been watching you draw from a far, and I recognized that notebook on the ground so I hoped that it was you. . ." He said in a very puzzled way.
    "Why did you hope that it was mine's?"
    "Because I loved you when I bumped into you on that faithful day. . ."
    It must've been faith that he fell in love with her on that same moment.
    "Th-that was when I fell in love with you too. . ." She said with her bangs trying to cover her face.
    He touched her cheek and brushed her hair back. He pulled a lock of hair over her ear and kissed her cheek.
    She blushed and started to cry. It was the day she was waiting for.
    "Eh?! Wh-why are you crying?" He said frantically like he wasn't sure if he did something wrong.
    "I'm crying because I finally have the courage to say. . ., to say. . ."
    "That I love you!"
    He lightly tapped her forehead with the back of his hand.
    "You dummy, I knew that already. . ." He said blushing.
    "Heh, heh. . ., I know," She said with a smile.
    It was a rare site to see her smile.
    She hugged him and hoped for them to be together forever.
    A few years later, right out of high school there was a picture hanging in a room that lit up with white everywhere, and on the picture had her and her crush smiling and wearing matching rings.

    -end ^__^