• Inferno sat thinking about what had just happened. It was weird the whole thing was real and he knew it. Inferno got to his feet and started out the door. He heard someone scream off in the distance and he raced there. when he had arrived a man was holding a little girl.
    "Whats going on!" Inferno yelled.
    "My suspicoun was right." The man said.
    "My name is Zeron. i suggest you give up your armor if you want this girl to live."
    "How did you know what happened?" Inferno replied.
    "The bright flash that you had seen. It was spread throughout the entire world. Two days ago there was a huge report about it on national news." Zeron continued.
    "That's impossible two days ago would mean that i've been out for at least 72 hours." Inferno said.
    "I suppose ignorince is bliss right Inferno?"
    "Drop the girl." Inferno demanded.
    "You're in no position to be demanding me boy! But i suppose i don't need her anymore. You're right i should get rid of her."
    Zeron threw the girl up into the air and was about hit her when Inferno punched Zeron in the face harder than he's ever hit anyone. The girl fell into his arms and thanked Inferno. he put her on the ground and said, "You need to leave." Without hesitation the girl got up and ran off. Unfased Zeron got up and said, "I suppose i should give you a fair fight. So i'll let you fight Crane."
    "What he got one too? But how?"
    Zeron disappeared, Crane appeared. except this time he had a green armor that was apart of him.
    Inferno had wished that his armor was with him and suddenly his armor was around him. Inferno grinned as the power coursed through him.
    "You know Crane," He began, "the announcer isn't here to save you this time."
    Crane grinned as well.
    "That's good because you'll be the one on the ground lifeless."
    this was it for the rematch. Who will come out on top?