• Chapter: ONE


    There he stood...
    In the Seven Stoned Circle. He could sense the human hiding behind one of the 14 pillars by its racing blood. Trespassing into my safe haven? That’s a big mistake my friend. The color in his eyes had boiled over to fire. The color surrounding his pupil now resigned to utter and pure red. Nothing less. It seemed as if minutes, maybe hours, had passed but it had only been a few seconds. The change was half complete. His blazing rage had summoned it. Every one of his teeth grew and sharpened into canines. Infuriated he let a wicked smile escape the edges of his grimacing mouth. Leaving his mouth smiling showing the perfectly white and razor sharp teeth, he let the change continue. His skin rippled as it turned coal black.
    He laughed and watched as his muscles grew to double the size. His bones morphed and became slender, yet stronger and more elongated. His now misshapen body resembled an impish or gargoyle like creature. His elbows grew past the bending point, creating a stretch of skin and bone 6” long jetting from his forearm. The stretch directed upward along his arm, so that when he bent his elbows the elongated bones were parallel to the length of his forearm. His knees were the same. His shoulder blades snapped as they extended from his spine, pushing against it, giving him a look about him that he was always slouching. With a crunch, his knuckles dislocated and flattened, then growing forward to increase his palms’ width. His fingernails overcame the pads on his fingers, giving him talon like claws. His eyes now darkened further into blood red.
    He pulled his newly strengthened arm back, readying it for a punch. He lunged forward at a blinding speed three times that of a human, pulverizing one of the surrounding 14 pillars. The demon now inclined his head to see that his pray had nimbly leapt away at the last second, leaving itself vulnerable to attack. Enraged he threw himself upward towards his pray. How dare he jump away from me! After all I just want to have a little snack. Swinging his right arm across his chest and sliced against the ribcage of his human guest.
    “I’m not only going to rip you apart with my hands, but with my teeth as well!” He said gnashing his canines together, and nimbly landing on the 4th stone. As blood rushed through the humans’ side he writhed in pain falling to the ground. Holding one arm over his injury and the other helping him crawl away, he yelled at the taunting demon.
    “Why me?! Why now?!”
    “Leaving so soon?” The demon tilted his head to the left. “You’re the one who betrayed me. Though I have to admit,” The demon paused returning his evil smirk, “I guess I could thank you. I wouldn’t have gone to the extremes I did to become what I am today.”
    “W-what are you talking about?” stammered the human, now gazing up at the beast.
    “Don’t you recognize me Noi?” The demon’s grin widened flashing his teeth. “It’s me Kai.” A stifled laughter bubbled up from within the demon’s throat.
    “Kai? Could that really be you? Kai, what happened to you?”
    “Life happened. And a very cruel one at that.” Kai said. “So nice for you to fall into my trap by the way, now I can finally take the revenge I disserve!”