• You are sitting in your room when a strange man walkes up and says, 'It will end tonight, but if your smart it wont." You dont know what this means, so you continue getting ready for your party. You put on you mini dress and put on some makeup. Whatever is ending, your scared about what the weird man said. You choose to believe it was your brain talking to you. Maby it was too hot in the room. That's it, your getting delusional! You choose to believe that is it.
    You get in your car and drive to the party. Once you get there you notice there is NO adult supervision. You are scared. You see that there are drinks, you walk over to get on and you notice all they have is alchool. You are only 18! You are freaking out because this is what the weird man told you about. You decide to "Be smart" and go home. You walk outside and your car is damaged, some drunk guy was speeding away after he hit it.
    You get in your car and drive home. While you are driving home, you see the man that damaged your car, you figure that it is just a bump and it is nothing to sue somebody over. You roll down your window, tell him that he was the one that damaged your car, and when the traffic starts moving, he starts going, but to fast. There is a whole traffic colision!
    You stare down at your mother, holding your hand. But your safer in the heavens now.