• Preface
    I spent my nights alone wondering what I was going to do for the first dance in high school. Was I going to take a dork? Perhaps a nerd… No matter who I took I just really wanted to be with Aaron or should I refer to him as Aaron Jake Willow? It didn’t matter now. We were apart and now instead of ‘lil’ I was now just Lily Mae Gust a short, skinny, brunette, pale skin, dark makeup, original GEEK.

    Chapter One
    "He what!?” was the first thing I said when I found out that he wanted to part. It’s been 6 months and three and one half days since we first were going out its been 2 months since he said I love you, twenty-four days since we first hugged and 12 since we kissed. I guess the love we shared together was like a candle that started out bright but became gone in a flash.

    I didn’t mind anymore it was like it never happened. Things chaged i approached my junior year in high school. He would hang out with the same people i didnt hate him but i didnt love him either. His best frien Morgan would always stare at me in third period and smile at me during linch. I didn't ever talk to him but that didn't matter. I loved this new guy and although didnt want to admit it i showed it in the ways he showed.But every little dance his best friend Morgan Fret asked me to dance and we had to say yes or we were ‘toast’ according to our principal Mrs. Ruth Inkberry. So I said yes a couple maybe thousand times… But it all changed after that… in third period I got a note from someone with the initials M.G.F and I knew who it was… of course Morgan!

    I couldn’t believe it he was asking me out! Me and him!!!! I was ecstatic and knew he was a nice guy but I wrote back not thinking for one moment on how my best friend Salone would fell about this because she had a major crush on him. So I put down yes. We always hung out day after day without Salone knowing and later on she would find out.

    She one day asked Morgan out but he told her that he had a girlfriend and told her “don’t you know I’m going out with lily?” he said it as nice as he could but it wasn’t enough. One lonely day that week she saw Morgan’s car in my driveway she then marches up rings the doorbell and runs off and knocks over our garbage can. A little odd but that was same old Salone.

    I came home the normal route past the little general store, through the little town of Coupeville and past Salone’s house when I realized and aid car go past me. I pulled over and realized it was heading to Salone’s house! I ran down the street like a rabbit getting chased by a coyote. My heart stopped for five seconds and I realized what had happened. I wanted to die right then and there my best friend was in trouble and I had to go out of my way to help here even if she was still mad at me I wanted everything to be right even if I t meant breaking Morgan’s heart she was all that mattered to me that second. I ran up to Mrs. Monett and she was crying a river she sat me aside and told me that Salone had passed away after passing out while in the shower.

    Morgan and I went to her funeral. We knew nothing would be the same again now that we had no Salone. We said goodbyes to sweet Salone Lauren Monett and wrote a little passage in a journal that they were going to bury with her there we wrote: ‘dear sweet Salone we love you and we know that you will be god’s favorite angel. Love, Morgan & Lily’