• ‘Once upon a time’ is a common and mediocre way of starting a story that will live and thrive through many generations. It’s true for all fairy tales and fantasies alike but this story has opted for something to broaden its self in the world that we live in today.

    The old man put down his pen. Writing had recently become more of a chore than a hobby in his age. Nothing was as it used to be. In the old times before civilization had abandoned computers entirely and reverted to the age old pen and paper approach to do their everyday tasks.
    A solid knock on the door diverted his attention to the mysteries that went through his mind. A young woman entered. Ginger, his only daughter. He greeted her warmly. It always bought a smile to his face to see the bright ambition in her eyes. He remembered the times when he used to be as she is, laughing and smiling her way through life.
    “Would you like a cup of coffee?” Ginger asked in her soft voice.
    “That would be lovely Ginny” He replied his voice cracking slightly on her name. Looking down at the paper he sighed, Inspiration had been dry for the last decade. He hadn’t had a book published in just as long a time.
    “Maybe a good rest will help you father” Ginny said backing into the room with the tray of coffee.
    “Yes… rest…” he mumbled. Ginny handed him his coffee and sat in the chair opposite his.
    “How’s the book coming?” Ginny asked trying to fill the silence. She looked over to her father when he didn’t answer, he had fallen asleep.