• My chance was apparent. I took the knife, and plunged it into that b*****d's heart, surprisingly smoothly. Specks of blood flew on my face, and with the full moon's light it was dark, and beautiful, a rich crimson. I felt guilty, surprised at my power and willingness, yet I also felt so.... alive. It was like I had taken his life for my own. Taking out the knife, he fell and groaned. Trickling and cold looking, his blood came out of his mouth as his eyes rolled upwards. I giggled.

    Shoot! I just realized that I needed to interrogate him. To find out where the man who ordered the death, and possibly kidnapped them as well, answers were needed. Grabbing it by the collar, I shook the recently made corpse. Wind brushing against my face and the sticky sweat from the fight, I shivered as I growled, "Where is he? Was he responsible for both?" Only after what seemed as if a millennium, I finally realized he was dead. Looking up, I saw a black haired angel, with onyx wings, a black silk skirt and blouse, holding a scythe with a blue tip. She inspected the hourglass in her hand. "His time is up."

    "Who are you?" I asked, more curious than anything.
    "I am the Angel of Death, Darkness, and Evil, and ironically Guardian of Heroes. Before you say it, I hate it when people are killed because it gives me more work, and with bacteria, insects, and other microorganisms, I'm drowning in work." she explained.
    "No, what's your name?"
    "Darina." she replied.

    The night of my first kill. Also the night I first met Darina. That was two years ago. Hard to believe, with all that's been going on.