• Dazzling light's play in front of my eye. I blink. Looking around I relies that I'm running. But i don't know why.
    "Luna. Lunar Eclipse." a haunting voice calls out from amist the light. Suddenly the light wasn't there to help me see. It was there to blind me. And it was everywhere.
    "Who are you? How do you know who I am?" I try to scream into the light, but no sound comes out. My legs pick up speed and I relies I'm not in control of my body. This scares me....No. It terrifies me.
    I'm stumbling, my breath coming out in gasps. Black shadows now dance with the light. I'm being chased, but why?
    One shadow breaks though the light, and I know him insently.
    "Sean?" I gasp. The black wolf with the star on his chest ignores me. My head is the same height has his shoulder.
    My legs push me onward, leaving Sean behind.
    "Luna! He'll kill you!" Sean shouts after me.
    "Shut up you stupid werewolf!" Someone shouts. No I shout. But it was like someone else was in my body, talking for me. This reliesation freezes me in horror.
    And my body keeps running, towards a sudden black hole in the beautiful light.
    Sean runs by me, screaming, begging me to stop.
    Up ahead a small, dim light appears in the darkness. The light grows, and time slows.
    Then time stops. In the darkness a little boy is standing, sending off his own light. He's wearing pure black, save for his white gloves. Even from this distance, I know him.
    "TOBY" I scream.
    "Come to me sister. Come suffer as I have" His voice is cold, haunting.
    And I'm suddenly in blackness falling, falling with nothing to catch me. All I see is my brothers face, his lips pulled back to reveal his blood stained fangs.
    Pain rushes though me.
    'He's a vampire.'The thought echos though my head.'He's a vampire.'
    Terror drowns me and my eyes snap open.