• Despite what people whisper about me in the hallways, or what people write about me in the bathrooms, I like to be different. Actually, I prefer to be different.
    I detest all of those preppy freaks that people call "the populars". I usually think of them as fake people--mostly because the majority of their bodies are fake.
    I have no friends because everyone hated me and I hated them back. Everything is balanced.
    "Move!" I screamed as I pushed through the mob of kids trying to get away from the school for our Christmas break.
    "Move." I screamed again. Only four people were smart enough to get out of my way.
    "MOVE!" I roared, this time much louder.
    "I hate you fake people!" I yelled at the top of my lungs, so loud it echoed.
    "Poor Katie." A stupid jock named Mark said with fake sympathy.
    "You don't even know where you belong." A smug grin was spreading on his face.
    I heard a few snickers throughout the crowd, but I ignored them.
    "Neither do you, Scrooge." I hissed. I had given Mark the nickname Scrooge because he was so rich that he most likely bathed in money, but he didn't even bother to buy gifts for his parents. Even when his parents showered him with gifts like a Mac or a flat screen television.
    "What--" Scrooge began to ask but I cut him off.
    "Actually," I continued now addressing all of my classmates. "None of you do. You are all caught up in what your classmates at school think of you. But what will happen when you graduate or leave school?"
    "What is she talking about?" I heard a freshman whisper to her snotty friend.
    "Well, I don't really know, but I think it has something to do with her backwards family. Everyone hates them you know." The snotty friend stated matter-of-factly.
    I turned around and walked straight to her. I got in her face--and I was much taller--and I said, "At least backwards is better than fake." After I had said that I punched her with as much force that I had and she flew back about seven feet. It wasn't a surprise really considering that she probably weighs less than a banana.
    I'm not so much as a loser to have a hair-pulling, nail-breaking, face-slapping fight. I fight like real people did. I actually punched. I'm not much of the girl to get insulted by words or snotty remarks, either, but when people mention my family, it pretty much pisses me off.
    Everyone gasped when Snotty girl's nose started falling to the side. She screamed and rushed away screaming, "This nose job cost $4,000.00!"
    I snickered and strutted off like I was on a catwalk. I knew that everyone was staring at me. I couldn't care less.