• The tears stood at the rim of my eyes. The numbness was a relief as was the icy cold. They rushed through my body at an amazing speed. My body shook, the numbing cold hadn’t been enough and the pain was unleashed. I fell to the ground, wrapping my arms around my knees and my head fell into the darkness.
    My heart was going through a shredder. The throbbing of my chest was unbearable. The aching and the sorrow. My body rocked itself back and forth, but it was useless, nothing was going to fix this pain.
    The tears didn’t trickle anymore, water flooded my face, the darkness blurred and my ears rang. My senses were turning off. My body was trying to protect me, comforting me insides its shelter. My consciousness began to leave and my limbs felt heavy. Finally, sleep.
    I felt every ache in my body when I woke. I’d curled up on the cold hard ground and I was going to pay for it. My chest ached and the shattered edges of my heart were charred from the fiery flames that enveloped me. My heart was no longer breaking it was completely and utterly broken.
    My eyes were red from tears. They felt dry, but more waster still trickled and my face was covered in dry, salty tears. I stood shakily, being careful not to fall. It started to rain as I brushed myself off. It fit the sadness. I looked up into the trees and the dark grey sky. I let the drops hit my face and trickle into my hair.
    I breathed deeply, the air cleared my head. I felt as if I could fly and a glowing feeling radiated off of me. My spirits soared and my heart felt whole once more, not fixed but if it had never been broken at all. It didn’t last long, but just enough to remind me of pure happiness.