• After i got dressed, rina called jacob.I was worried he would move me to a different home. He wold probably think that this wasn’t good for me. A few minutes later, someone knocked. We answered and it was Jacob. We got in the car, and i was in the back. All of a sudden, i heard rina scream, tires screech, and then everything went black. Months passed.

    I was still in the hospital. Rina wasn’t in the room with me. she had the room next door. Sherri was out. I was glad about that.
    that was a voice i haven’t heard before.
    ''Who-who are you?!'' ''Where’s sherri?'' ''Get away from me, i don’t know you!!!''
    ''Matthew! calm down!!''
    All of a sudden, jacob entered.
    ''Matt, this is your new mom. Please be pleasant.''
    ''Don't do this!! You know i have to stay with rina! please!''
    ''Matt, rina died today of a concussion. She never woke up from her coma and they decided to pull the plug.''
    ''No! I'm not going to believe you!''
    ''Matt, don't make this harder.''
    ''What do you mean,'harder'?''
    ''Why don’t you tell me anything?! I am old enough to know about things!!'' Then, the doctor came in.
    "I want to go home with Rina! i dont want to go home with this woman!"
    "Matt! You are going to go home with this lady and you are going to like it!"
    "Shut up Jacob! why would i believe you! Rina is not dead! I don’t believe you at all!"
    "Matt it is true."
    "Sherri,i mean mom?"
    "Yes matt it is me. Rina is dead."
    "NOOOOO!" I screamed!
    The doctor and jacob walked out into the hall and the doctor came in he tinkered with my iv.
    "Jacob i pulled the plug,he should go in an hour."
    "Go? Go where?"
    "matt we are going to let u pass on. You are severally hurt and i cant take this."
    "But jacob wat did i d..." I passed out.

    ''AAAAAAH!'' I screamed.
    ''Matt what is wrong with you?'' rina said.
    ''God, im having too many nightmares lately.''
    I went downstairs with rina.
    The phone rang.
    I answered. ''hello?''
    ''Dont call back or send the police. I have your sweet little Sherri here and she’s doing fine. Unless you make a wrong move of course.''
    The voice on the other line laughed.
    ''Ok where do i need to come?''
    ''Come to the meadow. And as i said before, don’t bring anyone,or Sherri wont see the light of day anymore.''
    ''Ok.'' I hung up.
    ''Rina, stay here I’m gonna call jacob and get a ride. Do we have a gun?"
    ''Yes i'll go get it.''
    She handed me the pistol. "thanx. i'll be back later." i said.
    I called jacob. No one answered.
    ''Crap.'' I said.
    I walked to the meadow.

    All of a sudden, i saw a man.
    It was my dad.
    ''Matt, i know i said alot of things i shouldn’t have said when i was with you.''
    ''Dad! Just please don’t hurt Sherri!!''
    ''Oh, matt. Your were always so stupid. i have taken care of Sherri.''
    I noticed him pointing behind the tree.
    ''Oh my god!''
    I ran behind the tree and saw nothing.
    "Where is she?" i demanded
    "She is gone Matt just ike your mom is gone." Dad said.
    "Dad,Why? What did I ever do to you?"
    "You did nothing. It was your mother that did something to me." he said
    "Then why are you taking this s**t out on me?"
    'Because since your mother died I can not Take it out on her. I have to take this out on someone."
    I looked in my back pocket to make sure the gun was stil there and hadn't fell out of my pocket while i was running here.
    "Dad! I am gonna take care of this once and for all."
    "Matt what are you going to do? Stare at me?"
    I took the gun out of my pocket and shot him.
    "Dad! No what have i done?"
    I ran as quick as i could home. I left dad's body and the gun at the meadow. My shirt was covered in blood so i took it off and held it.
    "Matt. Where is mom?"
    "Rina I have some explaining to do." i said as help up my bloody shirt.