• Chapter 1

    "My mother said my eyes looked as empty and lifeless as the moon. I think she might be right." Alexis whispered gripping the pillow that was under his head tighter.
    Damian sighed in the chair from the left. "I think your eyes are lovely like the ocean. The green tint makes them even prettier then the most beautiful woman in the world. Don't think of what your mother said. She was a lying son of a b***h. Listen only to what I say, Ok." He leaned down and kissed Alexis softly on the lips. "Don't cry anymore." He whispered with his lips still brushing against Alexis' own.
    "Ok, I think can do that. Please don't make me stay in here anymore! I'm scared and afraid to be alone. No one likes me here! They're so mean to me! I can't stand it! I want to leave so bad!" Alexis cried looking into Damian's poison eyes.
    "I know but there's nothing I can do. I was talking to your doctor earlier and he said that your progress is improving greatly. If you keep this up you can leave in a week. When you get out, I'm going to take you to your favorite places, and buy you your favorite foods. Just think, you're going to live with me and we'll be happy forever. I love you so much, Alexis! I don't want you to do this again! I can't stand watching you be here like this. I just want to hurt the people that hurt you bad enough to make you do it." Damian pointed at Alexis' cut up wrist.
    "I know, but if you did that, I would have to watch you rot in jail forever. If you did that to me, I might end up back in here." Alexis whimpered sitting up and kissing Damian's lips again. "You wouldn't want me to be back in here having to take those stupid pills again would you?" Alexis smiled slyly and stood on the bed. "Look what I've done!" Alexis laughed jumping up and down on the bed.
    "What would that be, rabbit?" Damian asked as he watched Alexis jump off the bed and run to the dresser.
    "This! It's a picture of you! I drew it. It toke me three year cause the pills kept making me forget your face. That just made me sadder and I had to see you. Every time I did, I drew more of the picture until they gave me more of the pills. I was finally able to finish it because I started spitting the pills out last month. The pills were what was keeping me in this hell hole. If I wasn't taking them, I wouldn't have these problems. I would be out of here and I could have this picture finished. Anyways, after I finished it I looked at it every time I got depressed and wanted to hurt my self. It's you that's keeping me from getting worse." Alexis watched as Damian stared at the picture, mouth agape. "Do you like it?"
    Damian could feel his mouth hanging open. "Yes I do. I think it's perfect. I glad to know I'm the one that's helping you get better. Oh that reminds me, do you happen to have one of these pills? I want to run a scan on it to see what's in it. I'm not sure if I trust this place. Something about it doesn't seem right." Damian asked handing the picture back to Alexis.
    "Yeah I do. Here you go." He handed the pill to Damian right as the door began to open.
    "Time to go, Damian. It's time for Alexis to go to bed." The guard at the door demanded.
    "Ok." Damian leaned up to give Alexis a kiss but the guard grabbed Damian's shirt and pulled him out the door. "Dammit, Don't worry Alexis, I'll get you out of here soon I promise." Damian called as the guard drug him down the hall.
    "I know." Alexis whispered and kissed the picture in his hands. "I know you will."

    Chapter 2

    Damian squirmed and struggled to get away from the guard holding him as he was drug down the pure white halls of the hospital. They stopped in front of a large maple door that read “Dr. James Milder, M.D.” The guard pushed the door open and pulled Damian through.
    The room had dark mahogany wood walls. There were bookshelves spread throughout with a large oak desk in the middle. Two small brown arm chairs sat in front and a large brown computer chair sat behind it. On the back wall was another desk with books, a printer, and a large computer sitting on it. On the screen of the computer was a room that looked strangely like Alexis’, Damian noted to him self. He cast his eyes down to the computer chair, that had just blocked his view of the screen, to see a large framed, tan-skinned, bald man smiling at him.
    “Welcome back Damian.” The man stood and held out his hand for Damian to shake.
    Damian hesitantly toke the outstretched hand and shook it. “Good to see you again Doctor, Milder. How are you doing on this wonderful day?”
    The doctor glanced toward the rain soaked window and chuckled. “Fine. Please, Don’t stand, have a seat.” The doctor motioned to the chairs that sat in front of his desk.
    Damian smiled and took residence of one of them. “Thank you. Now, What is this about?” He asked subconsciously sticking his hand in his jacket pocket and gripping the pill container.
    The doctor toke notice of this action, but smiled at Damian’s hesitant face. “I was just hoping to see if you enjoyed your visit and was wondering when we could talk again.”
    “Well, I’m pretty busy with school and work but I think I can try to schedule something for whenever you think is best.” Damian pulled his legs closer to his body and looked at the doctor’s face.
    The doctor smiled at this action as well and reached into his desk, producing a small black book. “Let’s see when I’m free. Ah, how about this Saturday? I’ll take you to dinner and we can talk then.”
    Damian could feel his heart begin to beat faster and his blood rush to his face. “That sounds great.” He could hear the squeak in his voice. He reached down and grabbed his bag off the floor. What’s this doing in here, He thought to himself as he stared at the bag.
    “Is something the matter?” The doctor questioned near his ear. He jumped slightly and mentally slapped himself for not noticing the doctor approaching.
    “N-No, nothing. I was just thinking.” He retorted quickly, trying not to stutter. “I’m sorry could you tell me the date again?”
    “Of course. This Saturday, the 11th.” The doctor watched over Damian’s shoulder as he flipped through a book he pulled out of his bag.
    “Um…I have to work till three then I have class till six.” He looked at the doctor noticing that he was just a little too close. “Um…could you step back a bit please. I feel uncomfortable with people this close to me.”
    The doctor smiled and toke a step back. “Better?” At Damian’s head shake, he smiled and patted his head. “So how about eight?”
    Damian blushed and looked at the floor. “Eight it fine.” Please forgive me Alexis. He pressed his knees together and pulled them farther under the chair, indicating that he was ready to get up and leave soon. “Um…is there anything else?” He looked into the doctor’s face then quickly looked away again and gasped at what he saw in the doctor’s eyes.
    “No. You may leave then. I’ll see you in two days.” The doctor patted his head again and helped him stand. “Don’t worry, We’ll take great care of Alexis. I promise you that. He’s safe in our care.”
    Damian shuddered under doctor Milder’s cold stare as he followed the guard out of the door. “I hope so.”