• The day got dark as it rained,when I stepped out into the desolate street, with the blood from the man off of me.

    Something pulled me into the dark alley where my boss awaited me, waiting.
    "Sir, the man is dead."I told him,half scared to death.
    "Exelent,you have done well."He looked at me with those red eyes,glistening in the dark.'If only he knew what i could do.All the lives he'd make me kill...' I thought for a moment.
    "Sir,is there anything else?"I asked,hoping to get away from his stare.
    "No,but you never told me your name."
    "Sir, it's Goldfire."
    "hmmm, interesting.Can you do anything that i haven't seen yet?"
    's**t,im screwed!'i thought, and sighed.
    "yes sir."
    "can i see?"
    "yes sir."
    I closed my eyes and gold ribbons,and ribbons of fire wrapped around me, turning the dark,damp alley bright.The next thing he knew, there was a sixty foot long dragon, scales a blinding red,with mini fire going all around.My eyes, were gold, like usual.His eyes widened and he stepped back a step.
    "I see.Well,i have no work for you today."
    "yes sir."I changed back into myself, with my golden eyes shining,and my fire-red hair darker.
    "You have done an exelent job today,Goldfire."He got closer to me.
    "Thank-you, sir Kalvin."
    He leaned closer to me and kissed me for a swift second,and walked away before i could speak.