• The woods that day were unusually darkened. The sunlight barely breaking through the green leaves; peircing the lively grass with glitter. In the midst of it all, laid a black rose; just waiting for someone to hurt their finger on one of it's thorns. I am that unfortunte someone.
    It was the day of the community picnic; and as everyyear I ventured beyond the woods to that very hallow, with my sketch pad and my pens and coloured pencils. My sister was too busy playing vollyball with her friends to notice that I left without her. As always. I can't remember the last time that she actually noticed or cared.
    When I entered the hallow, I couldn't help but to look at a little stub sticking out from underneath a shrub. At first, I couldn't make out exactly what it was; But upon further inspection I knew that it was in fact a rose. A black, waterdrop-sprinked rose.
    At that moment the scent of rosemary and cinimon filled my nose, and the sun seemed to darken the hallow even more than it already was; enveloping me in a thick, dark veil of sweet smells and the presence of someone--or something--fantastic, unreal.
    "CORA!" my mother's voice shouted from the entrance of the woods. "HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU? DON'T GO NEAR THAT DEATH HALLOW!"
    But it was too late. I was already separated from reality. The sound of my mom's voice became fuzzy, distant; and I soon couldn't make out her words. It was all downhill from now...
    "Cora Montez!" My teacher Ms. Jennson snapped me back into reality and away from my mind. "Why must you always daydream?"