• Chapter One.

    "Good morning Techshi, It has been a full dream period. It's time to open your eyes and..." My hand rested lazily on the clock bots off switch. I sit up and take the thick S.L.E.E.P. aid wires out of the temples on the side of my head. I look at the wall and press the calendar button.

    "Hello Ari, Today is the day you get a new husband. Prepare to say good bye to your old one" I sighed and stand up to look at my latest assigned man pulling out his S.L.E.E.P. aid wires out of his temples. Ever since my 17th year as a human I've had three assigned men. I'm 23 currently. In the world of Techshi Every male and female are taken from birth. they are operated on for three years so they can't have any attraction towards anyone. Some of the operations however weren't fully completed, These people call themselves the Uniquez. Cloning has been a big part of our worlds survival tactics. Before my time as a human I was a droid for operations. Every droid gets a select DNA placed inside of it. It adds Certain chemicals to the strand of DNA that makes it original. After the 26 years of creating and cloning the DNA, the strand is placed inside a baby where it goes where it needs. The rests of the cloned DNA is placed in a hiding place so that when that child grows old and dies Techshi still has its DNA so it lives again and again with no memory of past lives. I'm a special human. As I was crating my DNA I suffered a malfunction so no my memory will be passed with my cloned DNA.

    I walked over to the window and watch as the rules are being shouted.

    "In Techshi you will not do the following:
    1. Kiss your assigned mate
    2. Show any signs of illegal emotions around your mate
    3. Carry magnetic devices out of your designated living area
    5. Sleep with out your S.L.E.E.P. aid wires properly attached.
    6. Eat anything dairy or...."

    The list continues. As Infants we were taught that any type of emotion other than happy is illegal.

    "Good morning Ari, Such a wonderful day it will be" Says my "mate" Ichigo. With a smile on his face he makes his way down to the cleaning area in the house. I stay sitting on the windowsill. My phone screen blinks. It's for Ichigo. I ignore the annoying wall bot as it tell Ichigo that his mate will be here to pick him up soon. Its tradition that the females go and get the males. The bot then blinks. Its for me. I look at it as it shows me the picture of my new "mate"
    And thats where it all started.