• The pale sun crept slowly over the snowy winter landscape. Ranrr sat at the bas of the library stairs, hunched over a thick, anicient-looking book. His faded green cloak was wrapped tightly around him. Steffan sighed as she drew her attention away from the cloudy window and shuffled over to the door. Quietly opening the latch, she swung the huge doors open and stepped out into the day.
    "Ranrr," she said, her voice ringing like a bell in the clear morning air. He looked up, shoving a finger in the book to hold his place as he turned his torso to face her.
    "Morning, Steff," He greeted her warmly. She smiled at her old friend.
    "Come inside before you freeze your butt off." Ranrr laughed, stood up, and walked up the steps quickly, taking them two at a time. Steffan pulled her shoulder lengthblonde hair over her ear and took a step back to let her best friend inside.
    "Thanks much, Steff," Ranrr said when he was inside and seated across from he rat one of the long wooden tables in the library's main room. His brown eyes glowed softley out from under his mess of black hair.
    "It's really problem at all," Steffan replied. "I'm really glad you came before hours, acctually."
    "Really now?"
    "Yeah," she replied, innocently tracing the grain patterns in the table. "I had another vision." Her graqy eyes were bleak and dull as she looked up at Ranrr. "It was Seth this time." Ranrr's face creased in irritation as he took Steffan's hand. His skin next to hers was like Amber next to Mother-Of-Pearl.
    "I think Lynn's plan is going to work out," he said, looking down to play idly with her fingers. Steffan's gaze didn't move, and there was a long silence.
    "Maybe you're right," she said after a while. "Maybe I'm wrong and the details aren't set right."
    "Exactly." Ranrr smiled as he leaned over to whisper something to her, even though there was no one around.
    "You know," he said, prepared to run. "I think you're visions are whako. You're a freak!" He laughed loudly, and the sound echoed off the walls. Steffan's countanace grew annoyed.
    "You know, I have every right to kick you out irght now." He laughed louder.
    "Try." She stood up from the table, knocking her chair backwards. Ranrr bolted for the door, but Steffan was already there waiting for him, next to the open door. he turned his head away to look at the spot she had been, and in that few seconds, Steffan grabbed the back of his hair and threw him down the stairs. "Holy crap," he managed to say. Now Steffan laughed.
    "Go home," she said, still laughing. "I'll see you later. Don't forget to tell Seth whar I told you." She winked playfully and turned back into rge library.
    "Fine," he laughed hysterucally. "I'll see you."