• StarVoyage
    By Ryan Kearns
    Chapter 1: Acing space

    It was a beautiful day in Aquaten. Palm Trees were dancing softly to the beat of the wind over the seas gentle reach. But today was no ordinary day, especially for a young squidfolk named Ace. “5… 4… 3… 2…” “Okay I can’t take it anymore give me a moment please!” Ace said too anxious to continue the countdown. You see, Ace was the youngest squidfolk in history (only 13 Aquaten Years) to ever go on a lifetime voyage into space… or so he would be as soon as the countdown ended.

    “You will have to finish it sooner or later” said his manager robot X23. Ace took a deep inhale. “Ok… Im ready!” sighed Ace. “Yeah sure…” remarked X23 sarcastically. “This time I really mean it” replied Ace.
    “Whatever…”. And so the countdown started up again. “5.. 4… 3… 2… 1… blast off!!!!!!!!”. While the engine blasted off with full power, sparks and flames skydived out and did their dance of supremacy.

    “Finally!” said X23 with a sense of satisfaction. “Maybe we should go back!” he joked. The petite robot jerked its head.. “I really don’t understand the livings need for humor.” He said as they blasted through the cosmos. Ace looked out the window to a beautiful sight.

    The stars stretched on forever. For the first time in his life, Ace felt how small he and his planet really were compared to the great stretch of the Galaxy. “Ace Snap out of it” said X23 five minutes later. “Whoa-what!” Snapped Ace in confusion. “I have found a planet in range”