• Chapter 1

    My brother is a spy. I knew it right from the start. He was always "popping 'round to see Clarabell". When you say "popping" you think of just just going round to ask a maths question or return something, unlike my brother who thinks the definition of "popping" is going over, skipping dinner and sneaking in at 5 to 2 in the morning muttering to his arm. I've seen him. He's got this beautiful high tech watch. He gently presses a button and talks to it. Talks to some guy called G. It might stand for Geoff or Gordon or something.
    I better explain Clarabell. I think she's a spy too. She's definetly real though, I've met her a couple of times. She's got the look of mystery about her.Her hair's been dyed a sort of browny-grey.She's nice and nicknames me squidge and teeny-bash because I'm small.
    There's other people too. I've heard him mention them on MySpace. He sends messages to "Beeb" and "Locust". The messages usually say something like "HE is at it again. See you at Clara's?".I don't know who "HE" is but he might be dangerous.
    Well there you go, a bit about my brother's psycho life.

    Chapter 2

    I've discovered the spies have "symbols". Clara's is a moon probably because of her weirdo ways. Did you know she paints her nails black and has FAR too much eyeliner.She's like a goth but not quite.
    The mysterious "Beeb" has a heart. I'm guessing Beeb is a girl unless she is a really weird boy. Who likes hearts...0.0
    My brother has a diamond and "Locust" has two weird squares joined together.

    To be continued if the demand is high!