• Chocolate Covered Possum On A Stick

    I was hungry one day so I was just experimenting with random foods. One day, I found a dead possum in the street. I put it on a stick and went to tell my mom. She was in the kitchen making home-made chocolate. I tripped and the possum went flying into the bowl of chocolate. When i took it out with the only remainder of the stick, my brother Pablo walked downstairs. He was hungry and grabbed the "cuisine" out of my hand and took a great big chunk out of it. He swallowed it whole, He claimed that it was great. We saw a sign that there was a cook off later today and we entered the possum.

    When the finals came, it was down to our possum. And "caramel covered cockroach". We won after the taste tester passed out after eating the opposing dish. We took the prize money and my face got on a Fruit Lopes box and went home.

    (what a weird week.)

    ]THE END