• Dead, from the neck up. Struggling with situations even thee fittest of men could never handle. These are the struggles Anita Brookes goes through. She wanders the grave emotionless. Despite the ghostly appearance nothing can be as calm and peaceful as what her words give off. Eccentric and not, at the same time she can be both as well as being herself. Once ago a strong independant girl, now a weak and frail soul wandering where no one seems to know. Her mother torn apart in desperation from tears she shed on the frightful day of the accident. Anita floats over bits of grass, forgetting the feel of what used to be so hard and relaxing. Forgetting everything that was once beautiful can cause anger and sadness. At this state she was going insane and nothing was holding her back from expressing it. The anger was first to be released, torturing innocent lives. Then sadness, taking pitty on once harmed and letting out silent whimpers of sorrow. Nothing is more painful than feeling nothing at all.
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