• “So your telling me that these talking animals are Demi-gods sent by Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun and light to help you; the chosen ones, to fight the ‘Darkness’ and your saying that I am also chosen one?” Kinoko asked as they sat in Suichi’s living room with all the Spirit Guides sitting with their Masters, they all nodded

    “Well, after the show today…I’m okay with that…” Kinoko smiled at all of them, they could finally breathe

    “I was hoping that you would be ready to help…” Suichi sighed

    “So is this what you were hiding from me Suichi?” Yuki frowned as she pet Alberic who was sitting poised on Yuki’s lap

    “No, I just couldn’t tell you because we didn’t know that you were chosen” Suichi tried to defend himself, Leiko pretended to choke on a carrot that she had just swallowed.

    “Anyways, when do I get to meet my Spirit Guide? And do I get cool powers like you all?” Kinoko squealed excitedly, Leiko and the others laughed

    “You have the gift, it just has to be awoken by the god that blessed you…you also have to have your Spirit Guide” Suichi frowned, Kinoko made a face at this as an owl ‘hooted’ somewhere outside and Chip frantically scarfed down some of the potato chips that Suichi had provided.

    As they were all leaving Yuki lagged behind to talk to Suichi

    “Well, now that the secret is out…will I get to see more of you?” Yuki gave Suichi and embarrassed smile, Suichi smiled back

    “Uhm…Yuki, would you like to go out to the movies with me tomorrow night?” Suichi asked her as his face turned pink, Yuki smiled widely

    “I would like that” Yuki waved good-bye as Suichi shut the door

    “I thought that we didn’t like her?” Kiera asked, Suichi shook his head

    “I don’t want to talk about it…” Suichi said grabbing his forehead; he had a headache already.

    “YOU WHAT?!” Kouji exclaimed, startling Chip and causing her to fall off the back of the couch that she had been running back and forth since Kouji had come over early in the morning so that they could do their fish reports together

    “I asked Yuki out to a movie tonight…” Suichi said sadly, Kouji’s jaw dropped to the carpet

    “WHY!” Kouji exclaimed just as Chip had climbed back onto the couch only to be startled into falling off the couch again.

    “because I feel bad for her…” Suichi hung his head, Kouji just glared at him as if he had never seen him before

    “but why?” Kouji asked again, Suichi shook his head and silently continued researching his fish, he had chosen a ‘Red Band Fish’.

    At about sunset Suichi rang the doorbell of Yuki’s manor, he fixed his blue fitted shirt, he could see himself in the glass panes of her double doors; out of the corner of his eye he could see Alberic sitting in the window watching him

    “Do you guys honestly have to go with us everywhere?” Suichi asked as he latched Kiera’s leash onto her, Kiera nodded

    “The Darkness doesn’t care what you are doing, they will attack you at any time” Kiera scratched herself with her hind leg as they sat waiting on Yuki’s porch.

    After almost ten minutes of waiting, Yuki and Alberic finally opened the door, instead of her usual school uniform Yuki was wearing: a white tank top and a pink plaid skirt with knee high white socks and a pair of black slip on shoes, her hair was pulled back in a ponytail held together by a pink hair tie, Suichi smiled at her as he scratched his head

    “uehh…you look very nice Yuki” Suichi bowed, Yuki smiled widely and blushed a little

    “Thank you!” Yuki replied as she held out a purse large enough to hide a cat in; Alberic climbed in and settled himself in for a long trip, Suichi saw Alberic settle in for a nap and Kiera watched evilly

    “Sometimes I wish that I had been given a smaller form so that I could do that too…” Kiera said as she hung her head and glanced up at Suichi

    “What? Don’t look at me…I didn’t give you that form…” Suichi attempted to defend himself

    “YES YOU DID, it’s a representation of YOU” Kiera exclaimed as they headed down the sidewalk, Yuki giggled.

    Yuki and Suichi watched a romantic-comedy that Yuki had wanted to see for a long while and afterwards they went and got some Ramen in the mall that was right next to the movie theatre, Suichi sat quietly as Yuki continued to talk about the movie, her life, her friends, avoiding the subject of their Spirit Guides; Kiera was tied to a pole outside the mall waiting for their return, which wasn’t for hours.

    Monday morning came and Suichi had been roped into walking to school with Yuki, and Suichi would never go back on his promises; Kouji and Leiko were walking to school alone today

    “Yuki and Suichi went out on a date the other night” Kouji started, Leiko looked at him surprised

    “What?! I mean…did they?” Leiko said regaining her composure, Kouji smirked and glanced at her

    “Yea, that’s where he is today…he’s walking her to school” Kouji watched Leiko’s reaction out of the corner of his eye, Leiko looked down sadly

    “I KNEW IT…YOU LIKE HIM!” Kouji screamed pointing at Leiko, Leiko’s face turned beet red

    “I don’t know what your talking about…” Leiko pretended, sticking her nose in the air

    “heyguys,whatarewetalkingaboutireallywannaknow,heylookatthatowloverthereisntitreallyprettyitmakesmewannagoflyakite,Koujididyoubringapeanutbutterandjellysandwichformeetoday?I’vebeencravingonesinceyesterday,wowwhataprettybird!Kouji,HEYKOUJIareyoulistening,youdon’tloveme,whydon’tyoueverlistentome?heylookherecomesKinoko!” Chip exclaimed pointing at Kinoko who had just ran across the street to walk with them

    “Hey guys…what’s all the yelling about?” Kinoko asked, Kouji looked at Leiko slyly, Leiko glared at him daring him to tell her

    “Leiko likes Suichi…she LIKE LIKEs him…she wants to kiss and touch him” Kouji exclaimed as he dodged a punch from Leiko, Kinoko looked at them both

    “Duh…your so dense Kouji, I knew that from when I saw her first lay eyes on him” Kinoko said with a finger pointed up into the air.

    Kouji met up with Suichi at their lockers, which were right next to each other

    “Hey Suichi, how was the BIG DATE?!” Kouji exclaimed happily, Chip was munching loudly in his backpack

    “Chip…SHH…” Kouji whispered as he elbowed his backpack and then turned back to Suichi, Suichi shook his head

    “It was horrible Kouji, she wouldn’t stop talking about herself, and she made me go see this really dumb romantic comedy movie, it didn’t even have a plot!” Suichi exclaimed, Kouji laughed loudly as Yuki and her two girlfriends walked up

    “Suichi I had a lot of fun with you the other night, we should do it again sometime” Yuki said sweetly, Suichi nodded as politely as possible

    “Yes of course” Suichi lied as Kouji tried to stop himself from laughing, Yuki smiled and looked at Kouji as if he were nuts, then walked off talking with her girlfriends

    “it was amazing girls, we talked and talked and talked, and we held hands in the movie…I promise you, it’s love…” Yuki said as she entered their classroom, Kouji and Suichi were now too far to hear them.

    “I can’t believe he went on a date with her…she’s such a whore…that’s not her real hair color! And she’s not even full Japanese…Yuki…what a whore” Leiko screamed at Kinoko in the bathroom, Kinoko scoffed

    “Why don’t you just ask Suichi out if you like him so much…” Kinoko said sarcastically

    “Yea…as I’m tutoring him ‘hey Suichi, I know your only hanging out with me because I’m tutoring you and were both chosen, but lets go out’ YEAH that will totally go over well” Leiko screamed turning her face red, Kinoko shrugged as she headed for class

    “You never know…”.