• " you've caused quite a scare in this area" said the police officer as he entered the room with a tape recorder.
    "I'm ready for you, what do you want" said the man in chains sitting at the table.
    " lets talk about I.O.M.V."
    "what do you want to know"
    "where they stand in the nation"
    "so your interested in capturing them"
    "we might we might not"
    "very well then I'll begin with the begining of the organization.
    it all started six years ago when the crime was rising due to the second crash of the stock market. the men and women in the suburbs of los angeles were over run by a large mob. they chose to take what they could from them. the people wanted a hero to stop them like in the movies. but most just gave up hope. until he came. he promised to help get rid of the mob. he sent messages to many retired soldiers, cops, and theives. He prommised them a place in his plan. they chose to join him. the organization was originaly named "los Vigilantes" and was a relatively small group.
    we wanted to pose a threat to the criminals so he sent us weapons and armor. we wanted more training and fighters so he sent us drill sargents that would train us and any new members. he always gave us what we needed. when it came to the mission he gave us all dirrect locations, audio feeds, and options on how to aproche it. we were over trained combatants. crime dropped to an unbelievable low rate, but we never killed anyone. we used tranquilization rounds and tazers. none of us ever took a life in the organization.
    after a few months a large proportion of the members segregated and made their own group, one that terminated the criminals. later on the leader got a police officer to help us take them down. they were subdued and arrested. but a terrible truth was discovered that day. the leader was discovered to be a fifteen year old boy from another state. outraged by it the group stopped listenning to the leader. they then sent messages to all cities and states to join them in a cause that was not planned. they were going to control all cities from crime. any one that opposed was illiminated. I mannaged to escape the murder. I met up with the boy and he told me to come here to turn myself in.
    he told me something that will help you stop them.
    he said "get the army give them this coordinance to a special weapon that will stop them."
    no one has listened to me yet."
    "what is this weapon"
    " a pulse EMP is what he told me it shatters the tranquilizers and turns it to steam"
    "has anyone seen it"
    "then how do you know its there"
    "he torned it on once and it shattered my tranquilizers"
    "where is it"
    " it is under this prison"