• "Over Nothing"
    -Ariel Reid-
    Things had not gone as planned. At all. Bummer. I dragged my abnormally heavy feet through the school hall, in a rather sulky mood. Why? Because things sucked. Nothing in particular really, it was just kind of a suck-ish day. And right now I don't care if that's proper English. So there.
    I felt like a whiny hosepipe, my eyes being misty and fogged over with tears. Over nothing. Well, I think. Maybe it was my locker eating my Science notebook with such vigor that the ugly tiled floor was covered with my notes on Chi Square, or maybe it was that I just remembered now that I have a test over that material tomorrow. Brilliant.
    Maybe it was being laughed at for running into that wall in the dark room during Photography class. Actually, that one was mainly my fault from being an abysmal liar. That was maybe my most unbelievable I'm-blatantly-trying-to-cover-my-tracks-and-look-normal story yet, complete with all the necessary writing elements and climax. I still swear that the little gnome is running around the school, tripping other innocent baggy-pants-wearing children. Not that anyone would know. He's invisible.
    Maybe it was there not being any chocolate milk left at lunch by the time I finished my epic Photography tale. Enough said.
    Maybe it was me tripping again in marching band practice. It was so gracefully exacted, like from some revenge-against-the-bully movie, the giant oaf landing against the pavement with a resounding crack after catching the string pulled taut, waiting for him. Timber! It was spectacularly pathetic. I'm going on a gnome hunt.
    Maybe it was- Hey, did I even have a plan for today? Was I supposed to do something besides school? Well, survive I guess, but that's easy enough. Other than that... just to do well in my schoolwork, which I always do without even thinking about it. So… I presume I did my agenda justice today. Awesome.
    With that thought in mind, I hurried off to whatever club I had today, an unmistakable bounce in my step. What waterworks. Over nothing.