• Darin woke with a start, all he could remember was that he had just left the forest. He looked around for the witches but they were no where in sight. Amythist was resting on a near by rock, dreaming of how her master Crystal would be very pleased with the danger she faced. All was quiet and still. Darin had almost forgot what that was like, for all of the noises and such, it was to much for him to handle.
    Moments later five beautiful weman with wings appeared in front of him.
    "God are you all trying to give me a heart attack!"
    "Sorry Darin we didn't mean to startle you. We just got back from a hunt in the woods so we all could eat." said a blue women with sparkling wings
    "Well you all didn't have to be all in my face." Darin shook his head side to side. "Please don't do that again" then Darin whispered some thing under his breath and got up to take a walk.