• The alarm clock started to beep. BEEP! BEEP! BEE—Hikaru slammed his hand down on the alarm clock, creating silence. Outside his window the cicadas outside making that weird buzzing noise they always make. He slowly picked up the alarm clock and dropped his jaw when he saw the time. “Holy Crap! I’m going to be late!” He shouted. Jumping out of bed he grabbed his uniform for school and slammed the bathroom door. A couple minutes later he ran down the stairs, grabbed the piece of toast his mother left for him, and left the house.
    “I need a louder alarm clock.” said Hikaru as he walked through the school halls. To Hikaru every day was the same. Nothing exciting has happened in his life. It was the same routine one after another: Parents always gone, boring classes, and a lot of homework. During class Hikaru stared out the window into the clouds daydreaming. The school bell rang and it was lunch time.
    “Oi do you want to eat up on the roof?” said Takashi, Hikaru’s best friend.
    “Sure let’s go!”
    Up on the roof the clouds looked very huge and white; the clouds had a light blue background behind the clouds.
    “It’s a great day today isn’t it?”
    “Yeah it is” said Takashi.
    Takashi and Hikaru had been friends since they were babies. They went to the same school together and shared everything. The roof of the school was always easy access, they always have lunch there to have conversations and watch the clouds. While they were eating a bright light suddenly bright flash sparked in the sky.
    “What is that?” Hikaru said
    “I don’t—”
    Then suddenly it crashed down right in front of them. Shocked by what’s in front Hikaru saw a young, small girl. She wore a black miniskirt with laces around it with a black puffy long sleeved shirt with frills on the end of the sleeves and on the collar. Her eyes are as blue as the ocean too. And her hair was jet black and long with her bangs swaying to the side with cat ears on top of her head, and they were not fake but real!
    “W-what is that?!” said Takashi.
    “I-I don’t know…” Hikaru slowly walked up to the cat girl.
    “Who are you?” Hikaru asked.
    “I came to get you. Hikaru, you are the chosen one.” She said.
    “Hey wait a minute!” shouted Takashi
    “How do you know his name?” he asked.
    Her cat ears twitched a little as he saw Takashi. She gave him a glare and then looked at Hikaru. “My name is Yasu Ami…and I’m here to take you to The Land of Hearts. We need your help there.” she said.
    “So will you come with me” she said while reaching out her hand to him.
    Both of the guys just looked at her and laughed.
    “Are lost or something kid? Did you lost your way to elementary school?” asked Takashi “Hmph! Are you making fun of me?!” Yasu questioned.
    “I’m the same age as you guys…and… I’m not in elementary!” she said.
    The guys looked in shock and stared to laugh again.
    “IT NOT FUNNY!” she shouted. Tears stared to roll down her cheek.
    “I-I’m serious…”
    “My people need your help! They are in trouble and they sent me to get you!”
    “Please come with me and you’ll see why!”
    “Please!” she pleaded. Hikaru looked at her, feeling bad.
    “Whoa I can’t believe she’s the same age as us…” thought Hikaru
    “Ok…I will go with you if you stop crying.”
    Takashi stopped laughing and said “And I’m going to!”
    “Hikaru is my best friend and all!”
    Yasu looked at them. “Really!?”
    Both guys nodded their heads and held out their hands. She shook both of their hands and she then started to glow.
    “Wha-what’s happening?!” Takashi asked
    She then started to chant words in some weird language. Her eyes started to turn into a dark yellow color and glowed. The area around them started to swirl and suddenly the rooftop they were at disappeared. They floated in an empty space of darkness. The girl was still glowing, chanting words. Then a white light appeared in the distance. The light was shinning brighter and brighter. It expanded around them, swarming them. Hikaru and Takashi couldn’t let their hands free of the mysterious girl. They tried to get free but the light covered them up and all turned dark.
    Hikaru felt that he was drifting in darkness. Slowly fading into the abyss. Suddenly he saw a small light was dim in the distance. He stretched out his arms, reaching for the light. Then Hikaru slowly opened his eyes and saw a ceiling.
    “Was this all a dream?” he said to himself.
    He slowly got up and saw that he was in a small house. It looked cozy and cute. There was a small table for three, next to the tables was a sink and a fridge, Next to the bed he was on there was a small drawer and on top of it was a picture. Hikaru picked it up and saw that it was a picture of a family with cat ears and tails.
    “It’s not a dream…”
    Hikaru got out of the bed looked outside of the window next to the sink. The folks walking around had cat ears and tails.
    “Where in the world am I?!”
    Every where looked different except for the color of the sky and the sun looked the same. He was in disbelief. The front door slowly opened and Yasu came in.
    “Oh you’re finally awake.” said Yasu.
    “Where’s Takashi?”
    “And where are we at?” demanded Hikaru.
    “You are in The Land of Hearts…and Takashi is still sleeping.” She said.
    Yasu walked over to the drawer and took some clothes out.
    “Here. You’ll need to dress into these.”
    “People around here would think you’re more of a freak if you’re wearing that” said Yasu. “More of a freak?! ” he questioned and pouted.
    Hikaru took the clothes.
    “Um I need some privacy please…” he said.
    “O-Oh right! Sorry…” Yasu said while walking out the door.
    He looked at the clothes and they looked more elegant than his school uniform.
    “And you don’t call this freaky??” He said to himself.
    When he came out he outfit was yellow and black. His shirt was made with silk and had long black sleeves with a yellow and black design on the chest of the shirt. His pants were black and long.
    “Wow. It actually fits you.” She said.
    “Um thanks…” said Hikaru.
    “Hmmm… w-where am I?” Takashi said coming out of the hut across from them.
    “And why are their more cat people?!” he shouted.
    The cat people looked at him weirdly. Whispers came from the crowd.
    “Do not draw attention!” Yasu whispered to Takashi forcefully.
    “Sorry!” he whispered back to her.
    She handed him a change of clothes and to him to quickly change. While waiting for him the people still looked at them, especially at Hikaru with amazement.
    “Why are they looking at me weird?” Hikaru asked Yasu in a whisper.
    “They have never seen a being without cat ears and a tail before…it new to them.” she explained.
    “Wow this outfit looks fancy~” Takashi said as he came out of the hut.
    His clothing was blue and white. It is similar to Hikaru’s outfit but his sleeves are white with a blue and white design in the chest area. And his pants are white.
    “Ok, now we must meet the village Elders.”
    “They will explain the ‘problem’.” She said.
    “Follow me.”
    Both of the boys nodded and followed. The folks followed them, fascinated by the new beings.

    They came upon a huge temple surrounded by the elders. None of them were outside; they were all sitting in front of the temple meditating.
    “Elders! I have returned!” shouted Yasu as she bowed.
    “And I have to chosen one who will help us.”
    She grabbed Hikaru by the arm and pushed him toward the Elders. He faced them and took a low bow. The Elders looked at him in awe. One of the elders stood up ad said,
    “Welcome chosen one to the Land of Hearts. We are in need of your powers to save those whom lost their souls to the Nightlings.”
    Hikaru looked in shock.
    “Whoa wait a second…..powers, lost souls, and N-nightlings?! What the heck are Nightlings?!” questioned Hikaru.
    “All will be explained later on.” explained the Elder.
    “Yasu will show around our land and Raiku right here will train you and help you improve on your powers.”
    Then a teenage boy, around his age, with cat ears and tail came up and stood next to Yasu. He has long black hair with a red streak on one side of his bang, his long hair was tied up into a pony tail with his long bangs sticking out; his eyes are a red rose color. He wore a long black cloak that unbuttoned on the bottom. Hikaru didn’t know what to say.
    “Is this a dream?! That’s it! It must be a dream!” he thought.
    When he turned to see what Takashi’s expression was and he saw that he was shocked too, but looked interested. Hikaru pinched his arm but it didn’t work. The elders and towns folk looked at him for a response.
    “U-um I’ll try to help you out” he blurted out.
    “What am I saying?!” Hikaru shouted in his mind.
    “I can’t do anything for these people….but …”
    Takashi then came forward and said
    “Hey how would be able to get to our world?”
    Another Elder stood up and said, “It will take another year before Yasu’s power to move to worlds again.”
    “Until then, you will remain here helping the chosen one.”
    The rest of the Elders stood up and they all chanted: The chosen one. The chosen one. Here to save the souls. Slay the evil and save the heartless. Oh pure heart, find the light. Find the Land of the Hearts. The Elders then opened the Temple and the folks started to sing. Hikaru and Takashi were showed back into one of the huts.
    “This is yours you may do as you please.” said one of the cat ladies who escorted them.
    She bowed and left them.
    Silence. The two high school boys said nothing but just sat their on the chairs.
    “What do we do now?” asked Hikaru.
    “Well….I believe you must go with it…” Takashi responded.
    Hikaru started at him with shock. Hikaru stood up from his chair and shouted,
    “Didn’t you hear them? I don’t even know what those creatures are! And they expect me to defeat them!”
    Takashi gave him a very serious look. He sat back down in his chair felling a little embarrassed for shouting at his friend. Takashi patted Hikaru by the shoulders and said,
    “We need to go home…and…I don’t think there is any other way.”
    Hikaru nodded slowly, unsure if he can do it or not.
    “Just have faith and hope that we can get through this!” Takashi said with enthusiasm.
    Hikaru laughed. He got up from his chair and said,
    “Well I’m guessing this is going to be a long journey.”
    Takashi got up, smiled, and said,
    “At least we don’t have to do school for a while!”
    Both of them laughed together and went out the door. Onto their long journey ahead of them.