• Harry Gordman and Elizabeth Parker were driving back to the police station with their newest criminal when they got a call from the Chief. Gordman was about 6 feet tall with buzzed black hair, a winning smile, and muscles that could make any man cry in fear and any woman do anything for a chance to play his matress. Parker was slim and skinny but not to the point of looking anorexic. She wasn't a real looker but she could talk her way out of any situation... or in depending on the circumstances.
    "Parker, Gordman we need you right away at 1929 Plum street. there have been reports of an explosion, two dead bodies, male and female, and a kidnapping." the cheif practally yelled into the radio.
    " Were kinda busy chief gotta robber in the backseat" Gordman replied.
    " Chain him to the nearest park bench call someone and get the hell over here. And thats an order!"
    Elizabeth sighed and did an illegal U-turn and drove into Randall park. She was getting tired of the chief calling them for meaningless assignments. she parked close to a park bench and ggot out of the car.
    "I'll chain him to a bench while you call somebody to tell them where he is." she said boredly. She grabbed the criminal out of the car and pushed him against the park bench. as she was chaining him to a bench he licked her ear and said " Get me outta these cuffs and i'll show you a good time." She pulled back in disgust and punched him hard in the face. she finished cuffing him and was stretching her back when she heard Gordman yell and then heard a soft "Oof." she turned around just in time to get a knife to her throat and a rough hand at her back. her attacker turned her around and squeezed her butt before punching her softly in the temple knocking her unconcious.

    Xavier Fireball pushed both of the cops into the trunk of his car and closed the lid. Mission accomplished.