• Chapter 1 Part 1

    As I run through the forest, wind is blowing in my hair, and light shimmering off of my skin so it made my skin glow. I tried so hard to look happy, but that just made me unhappy the more I think about it. I do not dare to look around me, for I will see a nightmare that haunt my peoples dreams that are true, for my people are dieing in a meaningless war against the lions. For I am only a Fox, soon to be queen of Saint Land, my hometown where I was born to be in peace and giving land. But outside the towns walls, a war that we have been fighting before I was born, soon to be taken before my eyes in a few more weeks if this keeps up at this past. The sun says good by and leaves me in the dark alone with my people, I decide to call it a night, as I walk to are campsite to stay in the forest in the dark with my people. I transformed back to my body.
    “ I am going to sleep in a few minutes or so”, I told to one of the guards that were in front of my tent. I was telling them about what will happen tomorrow. I helped pack up some of the wounded around the area. I walked past a young man that was not really hurt, but there was something wrong. His eyes where on the fire like they where telling him a story that he was so intestine in.
    “ Is there something on your mind”, he turned around and just looked at me.
    “ So I am guessing that is a yes”, he stopped looking at me and looked down at the ground. He did not talk.
    “ Is that a no”, I was trying to find a why to make him smile. As I decided to call it a night, I walked to my tent when I was stopped by something. It was a sounded like someone in trouble, it sounded like a cry or more like a screech out for help. It sounded so sad and in pain, so I went to find this cry. I walked back to the forest to look around or to find this cry. As I got closer and closer, I think if it is a friend or foe. What is it’s a trap to kill me. What would I do? I looked behind a tree to find a man, my enemy on the ground crying out in pain. Then he saw me, his eyes got big as if he did not what to see me. He hesitated for a few minutes then came back, I looked away thinking if I should leave or not, but before I could do so he grabbing my arm to pull me closer, to say something. The guards ran to me, thinking that he was hurting or tiring to kill me. I looked at them to say that I was ok, but he cute me off and began to talk.