• I believe that life grows more complicated the older you grow. When you are young you are not expected to abide by the rules that restrict everyone else, you are allowed the freedom to explore your imagination, with none of the weights holding you down that weigh so heavily upon the rest of the world. When I was a young girl I wandered around in the castle and surrounding forest, with nothing on my mind but the shining sun and colorful fields of flowers where butterflies flocked in abundance. Now, as a seventeen year old maiden I have much more pressing matters demanding my attention. The most important of which is that I fell in love with a Sangolian.

    I never meant for it to happen. Being a princess I was always being constantly hounded by the other Ancients who thought I owed them my attention. At every formal gathering tradition forced me to dance with all of these "prospective suitors", in hopes that I would find someone suitable to court and marry. I guess this led me to look in other places, for someone whose love I would have to earn, instead of having handed to me on a platter. Feelings of longing and uncertainty grew until at last I diverted my attention to men who were denied to me. It was then that I met Marcellus.

    Marcellus was everything I had ever dreamed of in a guy. He was powerful, intelligent, handsome, and witty. I was instantly attracted to his warm personality and captivated by his character. Though by far my most favorite trait was his ability to change forms. This was a distinctly Sangolian ability- and one that I found most interesting. One minute Marcellus would be a man talking to me by the brook, the next a magnificent bird that allowed me to climb onto his back and soar into the heavens. In all my time I spent with Marcellus I never discovered anything that I found unpleasant, but my parents had hardly to look at him before they voiced their disapproval.

    My parents rejection of Marcellus struck me like an arrow piercing through my heart. I was torn between those I loved- and forced to life with the reality that Marcellus and my parents would never be able to coexist. My loyalties to my parents, my kingdom, and myself all grew obscure and blurry. I pondered over the best route to embark on- but never got far from where I had begun. It took years before I was finally able to make myself sacrifice my standing and achievements and walk away. But when I did I never looked back.