• Valentine’s, it is the once every year time where everyone gives the presents to their friends or loves. The presents that represents friendship or otherwise love. To be honest, the holiday may be commercial, but it is adorable how so many people are expressing how they feel for each other. The basic concept of the atmosphere of love just makes the hearts of those who don’t even have a valentine, warm up. Maybe you could express your love any day, but today, is just the day where you can just sense the love in the surface.

    The beginning of a Thursday, morning approaches rather slowly, but the anticipation doesn’t. A technological alarm rings through out a bedroom of a young girl. Steadily, the girl opens her eyes to expect the greatest. Fortunately, the day looks bright enough already. But the underestimation as not fully cleansed from this girl’s body. The girl, Hikaru Katsura. The only girl that wasn’t asked to be a Valentine at her school, virtually.

    Although she didn’t have a boyfriend, Hikaru was going to spend the rest of her Valentine’s with friends. Like every year would be. As Hikaru peaked her body completely out from the sheets of her bed, she stretched her arms out. Feet standing clearly on the violet floor, and the feet approaching a door that appeared to lead not to the hallway. But to a bathroom. Hikaru undressed herself with sighing from exhaustion escaping her lips. After a quick few minutes, the soaked, pink haired girl was walking out from the bathroom with a towel wrapped completely around the top of her chest to a feet below her waist.

    A pair of panties, and a sailor school uniform later, Hikaru was fully dressed and prepared for school. Maybe someone would give her a Valentine today. At least, that was what Hikaru hoped would happen. Giving herself a pump of inspiration, Hikaru was happy as she peaked over to the picture frame. A memorabilia of her mother and herself. Back when she was still just in third grade, but the story behind her mother’s death was too shocking for her to realize. That’s why she never looked at the image for too long.

    The electronic clock that was located on Hikaru’s dresser showed that it was seven o’ clock. “Time to leave for school.” Hikaru said, lifting up the frame and kissing it softly. Putting it back onto the dresser, Hikaru grabbed her suitcase and ran right through the apartment door. Halfway to school, Hikaru stopped by a vending machine for a can of iced coffee. She inserted two hundred yen before pressing the button for caramel frappichino. Casually, Hikaru took the can and walked further on the sidewalk, drinking the can the more she walked over to her school.

    Final road, the school would be just around the corner. Hikaru drank the rest of the coffee before she reached the school campus, throwing away her can carefree. Right then and there, on the last corner of the street, a male voice was yelling Hikaru’s name. “Hikaru, hey!” Footsteps were also approaching rather fast, like running. As Hikaru turned around, there “he” was. The guy that Hikaru loved with all her heart, her only best friend.

    Kaoru Tsutaya, the boy that Hikaru has known since the beginning of grade school. Kaoru was everything Hikaru ever had wished in a perfect guy. But she never had the stomach to tell him how she felt. Earlier in life, she thought she was too young, but since they are both sixteen, it only bothered her. Continuously, Hikaru would dream of Kaoru and herself together, that’s what keeps bothering her. Kaoru finally caught up to Hikaru and the both of them walked side-by-side.

    “You look rather happy this morning.” Hikaru said with a smile on her face. Kaoru’s happy face always made her heart warm. It only meant that today was going to be a better day; always a gut feeling that Hikaru would have. “Yeah, I had such a nice dream and not to mention, today is Valentine’s Day.” Kaoru spoke enthusiastically. Again, Kaoru would make Hikaru feel even more fuzzy with the easing, lovely voice Kaoru would speak towards Hikaru.

    Something was rather strange about Kaoru today, though. Hikaru noticed that right then and there, that Kaoru had a bright pink blush on his cheeks. Not that it was something of a coincidence, but it was rather unusual since Kaoru was the victim of fan girls. Maybe he had a secret valentine, or maybe, he was going to ask to be Hikaru’s valentine. This was actually making Hikaru slightly paranoid, but she said to herself in her head that it wouldn’t bother her for now.

    Poking Kaoru in the cheek, Hikaru was in the mood of teasing the flushed Kaoru.
    “Aw, you seem to be blushing, Kaoru.”
    “Am not!” Kaoru put one hand on his cheek to make sure that he wasn’t blushing.
    “Then what is the pink on your face here?” Hikaru asked as she gave one last poke at Kaoru’s crimson cheeks.

    Before they knew it, the entrance of the school was soon revealed. Right on time, as well. They were into the school ten minutes before the bell was even going to ring. The both of them reached to their homeroom class, where they, clearly, sat right next to each other. Luck fully, the teacher doesn’t pay attention to what the class does until school starts. Before the bell rang, the two, Kaoru and Hikaru, just spoke to each other about last night’s chat over the phone.

    The “ding dong” of the bell than rang, setting the two and everyone of the class into their seats. This school, was actually so disciplined that they were civilized before the bell and even during class. That is what raised the reputation of this school and the students who attend it partially. Homeroom was basically boring sometimes, all it was is just studying over some of the topics in their classes. Nothing real special.

    The bell didn’t ring for another fifty minutes, and right when it did, Hikaru was actually kind of sad. They were not going to be seeing each other again for about three periods. With Valentine’s Day, the separation was different than previous times. Hikaru headed toward her fourth period, alone. Maybe Kaoru was waiting for her at the door or something. But right around the corner, was a girl and, unbelievably, Kaoru. Hikaru couldn’t stand to see them two talking, so she hid behind a wall, peaking over a few times. Just to check on Kaoru’s account.

    As Hikaru eavesdropped, she could only manage to hear a few words with the factor of her being farther away. But, although, the voices echoed throughout the hallway so then Hikaru could make out a few sentences. “Kaoru, take this. I’m sure you’ll like what’s in it.” Those words distracted Hikaru, making her peak over the edge to see that Kaoru was taking an envelope with a heart sticker to keep it shut. ‘What could that be? Appears to be a love letter.’ Hikaru thought to herself. But the girl turned around to go to her period, so Hikaru stiffed behind the wall. Awaiting for the girl to just go.

    The girl walked right by Hikaru with a evil smirk on her face. This meant that nothing good was in this situation. Silver hair peaked back out the door nearby to a classroom of a chemistry class. Hikaru looked at the door for a few seconds before wandering back over to the classroom. Hikaru looked back over to Kaoru as Kaoru was looking at the letter. She could tell that Kaoru was confused by the letter. “ugh, I should really just say something, but I know it won’t help.” Hikaru whispered to herself as her teacher kept on speaking the lesson.

    Then, a sudden sound of tearing a letter open ringed through Hikaru’s ear drums. ‘No, please … don’t be a love letter.’ Hikaru thought as more ruffling sound effects came from the background. Hikaru could already tell that the letter was being read. With a slow turn, Hikaru was hoping that maybe Kaoru would frown or rip the paper, but he, instead, blushed. Was it something that the letter said? Could that blush this morning be caused by that girl? Hikaru felt the flooding feeling of jealousy just ease up her spine. It was already something she despised.

    Kaoru may have been Hikaru’s partner for most classes, but Hikaru just continued to ignore the blushing boy. Not jealousness anymore, but just plain anger. She has never had such a terrible Valentine’s. ‘I don’t even think that girl likes him, maybe it is just to get to me.’ Hikaru theorized in her head. She didn’t want to believe that it was a love letter that Kaoru was reading. Maybe Hikaru was just being paranoid from the frustration.

    Later on in the Thursday, Hikaru was basically still moping about what may have been on that letter. And also, why Kaoru was blushing at the letter. Soon after school, she could see Kaoru with the same girl. Now, it was irritating Hikaru.

    Secrecy was important at this time. Hopefully, she could hear in on the conversation before Hikaru could poke out. Kaoru was the last to speak this time. “I’ll see you later then.” Was all Hikaru could hear, and already she was just angry at Kaoru. Hikaru knew Kaoru way longer than anyone at the school, and the fact that this girl just walks in and steals him from Hikaru. The fact just frustrated her to a breaking point. As the girl departed, Hikaru could see the same smile. But this time, directed right at Hikaru.

    With the jealousness running up his back, she got out a love letter from her bag. Except, it was a pink envelope and concealed with a heart. On the front was, “Hikaru” and a hand drawn heart right next to it. Hikaru ran out from the corner and Kaoru could notice her already. “Hey, Hika--” Kaoru was interrupted with Hikaru slapping the envelope right on the upsetting boy’s chest. Hikaru just ran off with her pink covering all over her eyes. She was too ashamed of him.

    Slamming the door of the apartment roughly, Hikaru dropped her bag with her face planting right onto her bed. The tears soaking the surface of the pillow. She couldn’t believe that she couldn’t prove herself and express herself to Kaoru before anyone else.

    To be honest, Hikaru felt like such an idiot on the inside. But after ten minutes of a crying episode, Hikaru lifted herself from her bed and undressed herself of her uniform. Changing into a pink sweater that actually kept her warm during the winter time. But fitting on a black skirt that she would regret wearing in cold weather, but worth it around Kaoru.

    A ring from a distant cell phone surprised Hikaru. Maybe it would be Kaoru, and lucky enough, the caller ID said it was. Hikaru felt like not answering it, but she couldn’t stand to be away from Kaoru any longer. She couldn’t last one minute without Kaoru. Flipping the phone open, the conversation started with Hikaru saying “hello”.

    “Hikaru … I’m sorry if I seemed like such a jerk. That girl you saw back there was a secret admirer, I can tell you that. I don’t even know her name, calling herself a secret admirer and meeting in person is unlike anything.”

    “No kidding. But wait, how did you know I was there?”

    “The real question is, when do I never?”

    Hikaru was surprised by his question that was turned into a response. She couldn’t find one word to say in return to Kaoru. “I don’t know. But anyways, what did you really call for?”

    “Smart one, you are, Hikaru. Well, I thought that we could have a special Valentine’s Day. You said you wanted to spend it with friends.”

    Hikaru’s face turned bright crimson. This could only mean he wanted to spend this Valentine’s with her. Or maybe it was just Hikaru. “Indeed, I do want to! But can’t it just be you and me?”

    “Sure, why not. You grab your coat, I’ll be there in a minute.”

    “Alright, see you then.”

    Within a varied fifteen minutes, a knock was heard through out the apartment. Hikaru walked to the door, and saw the beautiful smile Kaoru had on his face. “Ready to go?” Kaoru said in his seemingly warm leather jacket with belts running across his arms and a hoodie with a fur outline. Hikaru nodded with her face shining a beautiful crimson, once again. “Always am.” Hikaru walked out of the room with the door shutting behind them both.

    A walk onto the festival was one thing they were certainly going to do. They both enjoyed their lovely time. Eating cotton candy, shooting targets in mini booths, winning prizes for each other, and mostly getting on the rides. But one more thing was ready for the both of them after their short dinner at a fancy restaurant named “Kyoto” nearby. The both of them planned to go to the beach, even if it was at the time of near Spring.

    The sand, the water still flowing across the surface of the semi-cold gravel. It all seemed like it was already back into the Summer time. Well, almost. No sun, and the sand wasn’t as warm as it would be in the blazing sun. Especially Okinawa sand. The two continued to make footprints down the beach, before the rain began to suddenly pour down on them in a place they didn’t want to be. Somewhere beyond the city.

    Taking shelter in a cave nearby, the two sat on opposite sides. The both of them trying their best to keep themselves warm under the freezing rain. But then, Hikaru began to shiver lightly because of her sensitivity to the cold. Kaoru walked right back over to Hikaru’s side, holding her into his chest, which was rather warm. Thanks to his warm jacket. But all Hikaru could do at this moment, was not speak, but to just stay still and lay into Kaoru’s stomach. She enjoyed the warmth that Kaoru could give off to her, it was almost godly.

    Soon, the both of them were still under the cave and the rain was beginning to pour a little harder. This meant they were going to be in there for quite some time. The both of them sitting side by side, Hikaru planting her head within Kaoru’s chest, still. The two could already tell each other were loving this moment, their eyes glittering in both love and embarrassment. Both of them were silenced by each other’s love for the position they were in, as much as they couldn’t resist thinking about each other that way.

    Hikaru then managed to squeeze a few words out from her lips. “Kaoru, looks like we are going to be in here for a while.”
    “Looks like it.” Kaoru said through a quick reply, his face still flushed crimson, Disabling him from speaking without a stutter escaping his lips.

    It took a few minutes before one of them finally began to speak. And Kaoru was the one who managed the speech that he’d been longing to say for years. “Hikaru, can you look at me real quick?” Hikaru nodded and looked up to Kaoru with her glittering blue eyes dazzling Kaoru already. Kaoru stood up and hung before the cave as the rain continued to downfall before them.

    “Remember when we were kids? Always used to play in the rain until one of us got sick?”
    Hikaru giggled at his gesture from the past. “How could I forget? It was what we did almost all the time during the Summer.”

    All Kaoru could do was smile. Thank God she could still remember it all. “Yeah, and then we’d all worry about the one who got sick. Heh.”
    Both of them chuckled and giggled at each other as the memories quickly came back to them. Hikaru began to stand up, now. Feeling a little left out by just sitting there. “But you know what I miss, Kaoru?”

    Hikaru easily snuck up behind Kaoru, wrapping her arms right around his waist. This made Kaoru’s heart race at a extraordinary rate. Unexpectingly, Kaoru was trying to find something to say. “W-what?”

    “I miss how we’d always play at the park and it would only be you and me. Laughing with each other and continuously making jokes. And remember the sand castle? How proud we were when we finished it? I miss the smile you had back then. It always made me want to smile in return.” Kaoru was astounded by the speech that Hikaru just gave, this meant that both of them felt the sam way about each other. This was almost like their dreams finally come to a reality.

    “Hikaru, I feel just the same way. Back then and still now, I want to see your beautiful face every morning, every night. Just seeing you giggle and just hearing your voice making me want to just reach out and hold you. To be honest, I have something to say, Hikaru. Something I know we both have hidden for years.” Kaoru turned around to where they were both hugging each other, face-to-face. Both, approaching each others lips rather slowly.

    “I-I love you, Hikaru.” Hikaru was surprised by his words and could only fall further into the lovely kiss. “I love you, too … Kaoru.”

    Their lips brushed against each other and finally turned into a passionate kiss. Eyes closed and bodies bringing closeness to each other, this moment was what the both of them and their hearts longed for. Thursday night, went by like a amazing bird in the Southern sky. Kaoru dropped off Hikaru at her house with Hikaru giving him a kiss on the cheek. Setting Kaoru’s cheeks to cutely inflame pink.

    “Night, Kaoru.”
    “Night, Hikaru. I’ll see you at school tomorrow.”
    “Sure will, Kaoru.”

    The both of them said goodbye and waved off to each other. Kaoru leaving off on his motorcycle and Hikaru planting herself into her apartment with inflamed cheeks. The night fell to a deep sleep for Hikaru, and she slept the rest of the night. Her dreams, flooded with the memory of Kaoru and their admitting kiss.