• Seto Kaiba a boy with short brown and brown eyes, dressed in a long white jacket, and black pants and a white shirt is over at school talking to a boy about an assignment they both got. The boy has blonde hair and a yellow eye and green eye. Since they are lab partners and Seto doesn’t understand the assignment the boy is explaining the assignment in terms that Seto will understand. Seto finally understands the assignment and he and the boy try to find something to observe. The boy suggests the Odyssey Arcade. Seto likes the idea so he and the boy walk to the arcade
    As they walk to the arcade, Seto asks the boy what his name is. The boy answers saying, “Rin.” Seto doesn’t notice that Rin seemed a bit hesitant in answering.
    “I think the arcade is a great idea because it will give us an idea what it is like to observe.” says Seto Kaiba as they approach the arcade.
    Once they are at the arcade they observe how many people just play for fun and how many play just to get the prizes. As they observe they fill out their homework then get a soda and begin discussing what they wrote down in their observations. As they compare what they got they see that they both wrote close to the same stuff.
    Soon they are talking in an in depth conversation about themselves. Seto’s problems are Rin’s problems and Rin’s problems are Seto’s problems. Seto Kaiba realizes they have a lot in common. Suddenly Rin’s phone rings and Rin answers it then hangs up after two minutes. “I’m sorry but I must be going. My parents want me home.” he says getting up and gathering his stuff.
    “Well, I look forward to working with you tomorrow.” says Seto Kaiba as he bids Rin goodbye.
    “Same here.” says Rin and leaves. As Rin walks home he thinks to himself that Seto Kaiba seems like an incredibly nice guy. When Rin reaches his house he walks up the walkway and lets himself in. His parents see him and ask how his day was. Rin just looks at them then says, “Fine.” and runs upstairs to his room.
    Once Rin is upstairs he takes off his boyish clothes and unbinds himself then puts on a nightgown. Rin looks at her reflection in the mirror seeing her girlish features. Rin looks away disgusted at her reflection and wishes she really could be a boy.
    Next day at school the teacher Mr. Cross asks what Seto and Rin observed. Rin stands up and describes what they observed and shows his results. Seto says he and Rin both got the same results and wrote down the same things. The teacher asks how they were able to conclude that most people wanted to win prizes. “Well, we observed the aggression and frustration of the players and it was mostly the younger kids that wanted to play for fun. The older kids won lots of tickets to get the big prizes.” Rin describes a bit more then the teacher asks Seto Kaiba if that is accurate.
    “Yes it is Mr. Cross.” says Seto Kaiba thinking that Rin is very good at describing things.
    “Ok, class we’ll start with Ty and Li tomorrow.” says the teacher making notes.
    After school Seto Kaiba invites Rin over to his house to spend the night and watch a movie. Rin asks what the movie is called and Seto tells him it called “The Disembodied Hand that Strangled People” then asks isn’t that cool Rin agrees and tells him he’ll come over and watch it with him. Seto walks over to his limo and tells Rin he can ride with him in his limo. Rin thanks him and gets into his car with Seto.
    Once they are in the car, Seto talks about how honest their friendship is. Rin looks down knowing he is living a lie and also deceiving Seto Kaiba by dressing like a boy. “I have to tell him who I am.” thinks Rin to himself as the car pulls up in front of Seto’s house.
    When they get out of the car Rin sees his huge mansion and exclaims, “There has got to be like, two thousand billion people living here!!!”
    “No there isn’t it’s just me and my little brother Mokuba.” says Seto Kaiba surprised at Rin’s reaction at the sight of his house. Rin asks what the movie is called again as they sit down on the sofa and Seto tells him then says, “You want to know what’s really scary? To this day they never found it. In fact it could be-- Oh no there it is!” Seto secretly put his hand up his shirt. Rin screams terrified as Seto says, “Its g- got me!” Suddenly there is loud (thump). Seto looks at Rin and sees he has fainted. Seto laughs then waves his hand in front of Rin’s eyes. “I should’ve done that to Mokuba that would’ve made fall asleep fast.” says Seto as he goes to change into his pajama pants.
    When Rin finally comes around, he realizes he is on the couch and sees the moonlight shining down through the window onto the coffee table making a glare. Seto walks over to Rin drinking a glass of milk. Rin stares at Seto in his pajama pants. “Hey you slept a long awhile!” says Seto sitting next to Rin. Rin just stares at him then says he has something to tell him because he just can’t lie anymore.
    Seto stares at Rin confused. “I’m a woman. I know you think I’m a boy, but I’m not. I don’t want to lie I want our friendship to be honest.” says Rin looking Seto in the eyes.
    “Aha I knew you were a girl!” exclaims Seto Kaiba, but not with the frown Rin expected to see. Instead, he is smirking like he knew all along. Except, his smirk isn’t a fowl, malicious, smirk, instead it is more of a playful smirk.
    Rin curious how Seto knew she was a female asks, “How’d you know I was a girl?”
    “Well… After awhile at the arcade, I noticed that a small part of your shirt revealed a bit of the material you use for binding yourself.” says Seto looking at her concerned. “Why do you pretend to be a boy?”
    Rin trying hard not cry just shrugs and says, “I’m not fit to be a girl because the girls here make fun of me. They say I’m too ugly. ”
    Seto not understanding the situation Rin is in looks at her confused. “Why do you try so hard not to cry?” asks Seto Kaiba seeing her moonlit eyes sparkle.
    “It’s a weakness in boys’ eyes.” says Rin as a jeweled reflection of the moon slides down her face: a tear of sadness.
    “Not in mine.” says Seto and inches his face closer to hers. He licks away the tear tasting the saltiness of it.
    Rin wraps her arms around him and closes her eyes as Seto Kaiba kisses her neck and wraps his arms around her as well.