• Lucile played with her friends Tommy and Jackie Burston. Out in a meadow not too far from her home. Jackie and Lucy were running from Tommy in an exciting game of tag. Everyone stopped when they heard Mrs. Thompson call Lucile in for supper. As much fun as she was having, her stomach growled for her mother's delicious cooking, so she waved good-bye to her friends and skipped along back to her house.
    Lucy opened the door to find a bloodied mess of flesh on the floor. Her parents. As any child would do she began to sob uncontrollably at the sight of her, now, late parents. In between the sobs a tabbing sound became apparent, a sound Lucy only knew as footsteps. As they edged closer, not only echoing in the small cottage but in her mind, her heart began to race and she was overtaken by fear. Lucy ran from the house, into the woods, never looking back.