• A/N-Part One

    Jess steadied herself as she realised that she was facing her mirror.
    Feeling like a fool, Jess got back into bed and switched off the light herself.
    'Honestly, all this Halloween stuff is making you paranoid.' Jess thought in her head as she drifted off to sleep.

    In the morning, Jess woke up early and literally danced out of bed.
    Today was Halloween!
    She made her way across the room to her wardrobe and put on a t-shirt and some jeans.
    She would put on her costume later, but right now she needed to get everything ready.

    Downstairs, she made herself some toast and orange juice and thought about how she should decorate the front of the house.
    "I'm sure Victor brought me some pumpkins the other day..." She thought aloud, pondering whether they would have kept or not.
    She finished her toast and placed the plate in the sink, leaving the empty orange juice glass on the table.
    She then went to the pantry to find the pumpkins, and emerged with three bright orange vegetables.
    She got out a knife and a spoon and began to clear the pumpkin seeds out of the first pumpkin.
    When she had finished, she carved a design of a cat on a broom onto it, and placed it to one side.
    She did the same with the other pumpkin, turning this one into a frightening face.
    She was about to carve into the third, when her fingers skimmed the tabletop, not finding the knife she had placed there.
    She looked down to see that it had vanished from sight.
    "Where the hell did I put that then?" She frowned, looking around at the floor and the worktops behind her.
    Funny thing was, she hadn't moved from the spot since she began carving the pumpkins.
    She looked down at the pumpkin and bit her lip, thinking hard.
    She had to do a double take when there in front of her, was the knife.
    She picked it up and looked around suspiciously.
    "What on earth?" Jess whispered to herself, feeling the hairs rise on the back of her neck.
    "Your just being stupid. You obviously didn't look properly." Jess muttered to herself, dismissing the matter as her own stupidity.
    She began to carve a ghost onto the third pumpkin, then wondered why when she had finished.
    She hadn't planned on carving a ghost, so why did she?
    Jess shook her head as she placed the knife and spoon in the sink and dumped the pumpkin seeds in the bin.
    She took two of the pumpkins outside and placed them on the steps at the front of her house.
    She then went back in to retrieve the last one when a smashing sound alerted her attention.
    She looked down to see her orange juice glass shattered all over the floor.
    "But I didn't..." Jess frowned, putting the pumpkin down so she could examine the shards
    She knew for a fact that she had left the glass well back on the counter top, so there was no way that it could have fallen by itself.
    "Must have been a gust of wind or something." Jess shrugged, trying to ignore the fact that none of the windows were open.
    Jess cleared her throat, wishing she could clear her mind as easily. She wondered outside and put the pumpkin next to the others. She stood back to admire her handiwork, and saw something move out of the corner of her eye.
    'Dad's not home.'Was Jess's first thought. She grudgingly flicked her gaze up to the house and screamed as she saw a man with his stomach ripped open and blood gushing everywhere staring down at her with his big, white, staring eyes...

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