After a few minutes, I jolted awake. I looked at my surroundings. I’m in a room. I do not know where. Where am I. I whispered softly. A girl was sitting right beside me. She has a long hair coloured in brown. She wears a neat uniform.

    “Hi there. I’m Winter Rose. You can call me Winter “

    “Wha- what? Who are you and what are you doing here?”

    “Don’t panic. Today I’m in charge for the pet room and I saw you lying on the floor. I figured out you were fainted so I carried you here. In the private clinic.”

    “Oh I fainted… Thanks” I smiled to her.

    “No problem. I was just wondering what were you doing in there. Nothing’s special in there…just some pets wondering around.”

    “I don’t think I have to necessarily tell you about that now. I’m getting much more tired. I’m sorry. By the way I’m Blossom. Blossom Clover”

    “Well okay. I think you might tell me about that later. Umm…I’ll take you a drink.” She then walked away.

    I’m surprised. How did I faint? I forgot every single thing I did. Do I lose my memory. Do I? I sat down on the bed I was lying.

    “Here you go Blossom. I got you a drink. I have to go now. Take care. Oh yeah. Just an information, our school have some private studies for 2 weeks so we’ll all have to stay here that period and none of us are allowed to go home. Got to go. Bye.”

    She walked out of the room. I watch her walking out of the clinic. I thought about everything I did before. Did I faint just because I didn’t get enough of sleep or maybe I did not get enough of foods. Did I faint because I just lose control? I can only remember the facts that I made my choice to walk out of the class when the purple hair girl stared at me.

    I’ve been thinking that for a couple of minutes. I then seriously got tired. I yawned. I went to sleep. I wished that after I got up, I’ll get my memory back covered in my brain.

    “Oh Blossom. If you try to remember back everything, you were out of your class just because you wanted to go to a wash room. You passed by a pet room then.” I heard a sound whispering in my dream. “You went in it. You went in just to clear your mind towards Emily. You walked in and with your kind beloved heart, you feed the animals. The pets which is full with hunger. You enjoy the survey. You walked in more deeper. Then you lose you balance and banged a vase. You were surprised and you accidently took one step behind and fell after you hit a rock. You then fell something. Something that is moving forward. Something that might change your world. Your destiny. Your life.

    “NO!” I shouted. What a dream. But was the dream a clue to my memory? Is it a normal dream. Is it serious? Will it change my world? Who was talking! I got frustrated. I put my leg down. I stand up. I walk to the door. I looked at the sky. My mind was clear.

    “Blossom. You’re awake. It has been…” Winter looked at her watch. “ 1 hour you slept. You look pale. Are you okay? You sick?”

    “Winter. Are you a medical doctor?” I made a joke.

    “Well…I’m also in charge to take care of you so…”

    “Thanks a lot but I’m okay. I think you better just get back to your class.”

    “I’m glad you’re okay. I’ll take my step away then.”

    As soon as she walked away, I rushed to the dressing room. I dress in my uniform and I wore a jacket. I walk out of the clinic and to the pet room. Yes, there’s the pet room. I pushed the door and I walked in. Again the pets were there but not much. Most of them are taken for a bath. I walked further in. Deeper and deeper. I then looked at the floor.

    “Its just like my dream.”

    A vase is cracked into pieces of glass. I looked at the place I fainted. I looked up. I searched for the ‘something’ someone mention in my dream before. Hmm, what’s the something that moved forward? I search some more. I put my hands around the wall. Then my hand moved in the bricks. “Something moved forward in” Maybe that’s the thing. I took out the bricks. I looked around it.

    In the hole that I took the brick out, There’s a small tiny hole and some materials like a button, a wire and some other things. And there’s also a note.

    : Fix the wire into the button. Fix the button with the screw driver. Then add in the screws. After that use the magnet to attach the button into the hole. Wait after 2 days until the button works. Then you’ll discover a true experience in front of you.