• In the lead city of Azar the cruel and heartless adviser of King Yoh is planning a violent over-throw with his league of secret followers. As war rages with the western countrys the King's daughter Destiny is sent far away but along the way a group of bandits dedicated to Ruchi (The King's adviser) attack and Destiny narrowly escapes into the forbhidden mountains. The mountains have long been off-limits because of rumours of witches, dragons and trolls but when Destiny discovers an old witch picking herbs it seems the rumours have been all but exaggerated. After staying with the gentle witch Yumi for near on a year their is news from an injured solider that Ruchi's forces have taken the city of Azar in a blood-thursty battle and the King is to be executed within the next 6 months. At this point I have intended it to be a coming of age for Destiny. Before Yumi she was just a simple princess cut off from the world but over the last year she has trained hard and herself become a witch in sorts. Her journey back to her home-country takes her 4 months in whole but the journey is sought with hardships on the way. Gathering forces long thought dead by many humans she must learn to survive in a world that is nothing like the one she grew up in.

    Along her journey home she seeks the help of a vampire clan after helping the head of the clan's son (Phineas nicknames Finney) to kill a werewolf from an apposing clan. Her task is difficult as the vampires are perfectly happy to never have an alliance with humanity. During the 1400's a war had waged between humans and vampires and the vampires had been forced back into the mountains. In such desperate times the vampires food source had become werewolves and passing animals so in time the threat of vampires to humans had become extinct. With the past feuds looming the clan has no desire to join a human war but through the relationship that starts between Destiny and Finney they are able to recruit numerous vampires but the real troubles begin when Hanar the witch over-hears there plans.

    Hanar is a traitor to the Witch's Pact made in the earliest years of witchcraft. She uses the animals as sacrafices to build her own power and cares not for the lives of others. Ruchi has paid her much money to keep other countries in order even promising her that she would recieve her own country to rule. Even though she could do this without him, the moment she showed her face the elder witches would strike her down but being given the country meant she'd done it legally and within witch law. So begins a fight between forces of good and evil and Destiny's chance to save her father.