• This wasn't the way it had alwlays been. I had once been someone. I had a family, and i had a life. But then, that one fateful day, that all disappeared.
    No one had told me what I was. But no one had predicted that I would Demonize so soon after my tenth birthday. I had arrived home, soon after school. Mother was in the kitchen, talking to her friend over the phone. Father was in the yard, with Lilly, my sister. "Mother... I feel funny." i had told her, dumping my books in a chair. She hung up and walked over, placing her cold hand on my forehead. "You don't have a temperature. It's probobly nothing Alice." We had dismissed it as such. Father and Lilly had soon come inside for dinner. Just as we were finishing, a sudden pain in my head jolted me from my fullness. I was suddenly so hungry, as if i hadn't eaten at all. It grew hot and my breath quickened. "ALice? What is it now?" Lilly asked, bordly shuffling through her CDs. I grasped my stomach. A lightning jolt shot up my spine and my feet went numb. I leaned forward, squinching my eyes shut. Drool leaked from my open mouth. I shook wildly as the hunger continued. "Alice? What's wrong?" father asked, knealing beside me. "Rose, call an ambulence!" i turned to him. He grabbed my shoulders and looked at me worridly and asked me once again what was wrong. Tears flowed from my blood-shot eyes as i leaned forward. "I'm so sorry." i wispered in his ear. Before he could pull away, i bit his neck, tearing the muscle from the coller bone, blood spilling everywere. My mother screamed. Lilly cried. ~~From there, i had torn flesh from bone, and skin from ligaments. I ate at first. But i soon grew full. The rest of our small town, i cut the tendons on their ankles so they couldn't escape.

    Now, I am inexile. I can't live with myself, much less anyone else. I look ahead. Not to the misty feild infront of me, but to the future. If i didn't, would i even be here at all?