• Chapter three

    Amy opened her eyes to see a nice room with a big screen TV and a nice couch. She was laying on a big bed that was soft and had gold sheets. She looked up to see Luke sitting beside her. He looked out a window beside the bed his, hands between his knees his silver hair hanging over his eyes. He wore a blue oxford shirt and blue jeans. He turned around to look in Amy's eyes as he grabbed her hand. "Sorry about my friends......there different then me" Luke said as he got up and walked to his couch in his big dorm room. He threw her school clouts to Amy. She looked down to see she was in pajamas in sted of what she was wearing last night.
    "You undressed me" said Amy as she jerked up off the bed.
    "I only changed you because you had a bad cut under your arm.......so I fixed your arm and washed your cloths......I didn't do anything bad" he said as he put his hands in his pocket and leaned on the couch.
    "I don't care....." she stopped and remembered what had happened last night. She looked at Luke and then ran to the door. Before she could turn the corner Luke was in front of the door blocking her way.
    "Listen.....Its 4:00 in the morning lets talk it over tomorrow......just go to your dorm" Luke said as he looked at her.
    "How can i trust you" asked Amy.
    "Because last night I saved you" said Luke as he opened the door. Amy had so many questions to ask him but this might be her only chance to leave. She ran to the door his pajamas still on her. Luke turned and shut the door. He walked over to his bed to go to sleep but saw Luna in front of him. He made a grim look as he walked dover to her.
    "What do you want" he said as he sat down on his bed.
    "Your friend.....your getting attached to her" she said as she sat beside him.
    "So its my life" said Luke.
    "Like i always say date your own kind" said Luna as she looked up at the ceiling.
    "All Vampires are not like me.....all they care about is blood" Said Luke as he looke dat Luna's lifeless face.
    "Theres always.......someone out there" said Luna as she got closer to Luke.
    "Sigh" said Luke as he looked at the floor.
    "Like me" Luna said as she got up and sat on Luke's lap and warped her arms around him.
    "I have known you for over one hundred years" said Luna as she placed her head on his chest. "I care for you....more then you know". Luna kissed Luke's lips slowly and held him tighter. Luke kissed back for a few seconds and held her. Luke got up and pushed her away as he came to realty.
    "You should go" said Luke as he pointed at the door. Luna got up and walked to Luke and she placed her finger on his chest and made a heart shape.
    "Fine.....you'll be im my dreams" she said as she walked to the door and left. Luke walked over to his bed and layed down. He fell to sleep thinking of Amy and....some of Luna

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