• It was Friday afternoon and Amy had just gotten out of her last period. She was walking in the court yard of the school. A nice long yard full of green grass trees and in the center was a huge fountain. She turned a glance at the fountain to see Luke sitting around a group of people Amy didn't recognize. They were all lovely and beautiful with pale wight skin and strong arms. There was three guys and one girl, but Luke is the only one she looked at. He looked up at her and smiled and then he looked at one of the men. He head long black hair and was wearing black. Luke said something to the man and they all walked off the court yard and went to a Black Lamborghini Alar. Amy stood there for a second thinking about what they could be doing. She saw her SUV and a smile grew on her face. She ran to her SUV still in her school outfit. A short skirt and a white top. She jumped in her SUV and started to drive off after Luke and his strange friends. They drove into the small town of north wood with all little shops and stores. Luke's car pulled over on the crib of a side walk. It was 9:00 o' clock at night as Luke and his dark looking friends got out of the car. Luke walked into a bar but his friends went into an ally and was not seen again. Amy stayed outside sitting on her SUV waiting for Luke to return. A few man walked by whispering about Amy and how she looked. Finely Luke came out....but with a girl in his arms. They walked into the ally that his friends went into. She followed behind him and hid behind the wall of the ally. She looked to see Luke standing in front of the girl. Luke backed away and he looked up at the sky. Then like a flash Luke's friends came landing from nowhere. One of them was at the girls right and one in front of her and the girl at her left. The men at her right lend to her and licked her neck. Then he bit her neck. Luke turned away as his friends as they eat. The girl started to scream but the other man Luke was with covered her mouth. Amy let out a tiny scream. Luke looked up and his friends did to. Amy started to run across the dark ally. She tripped and fell on a crack in the ground. Luke's friends started to walk towards Amy. They got closer and closer until they were only a few feet away. One of Luke's friends jumped in the air and went to land on Amy. He got closer to hitting her but Luke jumped in the way and caught his punch. Luke threw him into a wall and pointed at the rest of his friends. "No......NO HELL NO" said Luke in a loud voice. Nobody stopped in the street to hear or see anything everyone was having a good time and drinking.
    "Why the hell not" said one of them.
    "Because Luna it's not right......i know her" said Luke with a stern voice. The man Luke threw ran next to Amy and picked her up. He sniffed her neck slowly and said. "But her blood smells so good"
    "Stop" Wimped Amy in a scared voice.
    "Thats enough James" said Luke as he walked to Amy and she pulled he into his strong arms. Luke swooped her into his arms and he jumped up high in the air. Luke kept jumping from roof to roof very fast. Amy blacked out, the last thing she saw was Luke's face close to hers.