• ~Prologue
    I groaned out loud, and walked to the entrance. I stood there at the door and turned around and narrowed my eyes at my friend Eric. He grinned. "are you going to go in there or not?" he asked and raised an eyebrow. I growled under my breath, then looked over at Nicole. Looking cute as ever she stood there beside her friends and Eric. "good luck Demetri!" she said smiling so cute, i had a crush on her since i was 4 years old. Eirc chuckled. "you scared Demetri? Come on you're 13 now! You can't still be scared of Haunted houses" he rolled his eyes.

    I took a deep breath. "im defenitley going in" i said simply then walked into the door. I've always been scared of Haunted Houses for some reason. I guess it was because my parents had died when i was 4 and i dont know why, but Haunted Houses has some sort of aura that just makes me afraid. I walked up the stairs, it creaked all the way up as i walked. It freaked me out.
    As I walked i looked to my right and left, i felt something else was lurking in the walls, but i didnt know what. I just kept on walking feeling an evil source around me somewhere.

    I walked to the top of the house and found a door, it was a bit open and had light shining out of it. I walked closer and poked my head inside, i saw nothing, but felt something. "h-hello?" i asked in a shaky voice. Nothing happened, but then all of a sudden a gush of wind rushed out of the door knocking me to the ground. I fell down hitting my head, my eyes were half way clothes. I felt a bit dazed and my head was aching, i put my hand on my head and felt a huge bump swelling up.

    All of a sudden a bunch of memories started rushing in the back of my eyes. I was there only 8 years old at the time. I was crying in the middle of a corner of the living room it was dark and dusty. My mom was in another room and i heard her scream, i ran up there and saw nothing but i felt something was there, hurting my mom. Tears streamed down my eyes. "what are you doing to my mom?!" i yelled then saw the invisible monster turn around and stared at me. My dad came rushing in and wind knocked me out, i didnt know what was going on, but when i woke up my sister was there in her school uniform crying int her hands. She noticed me waking up and tackled me with a hug. "Demetri! Thank god you're okay!" she said crying as she hugged him.

    I sat there confused and hugged her back. "um..Emily? What happened?" then i saw my mom and dads body limped there blood staining our white carpet. "n-no....mom dad"

    I came back to the present and looked around the dark dusty house my eyes widening. "oh no...." i said quietly. The house was....my old house. The house where my parents had died because of an evil spirit. Wind knocking me out again i fell to the ground and my eyes closed......

    ~Chapter 1
    I heard my annoying alarm clock ring beside my ear and slapped the off button quickly. I groaned loudly and felt a pillow being thrown at my head. "come on sleepy head" Emily said in her annoying perky voice. I got up and went to the bathroom and slipped on a black sweatshirt and some jeans. "why are you so freaking perky? arent we suppose to be twins? we're nothing a like....."

    I had natural jet black hair that covered most of my face, my skin was sort of pale. But i look so much different then a i use too. I looked in the mirror and i saw the scronny boy that i was, i shook my head still remembering that dream that i had everyday recently. I couldnt forget the memory of my parents dieing. Running my hand through my hair getting all the tangles out i turned to Emily. "well are you excited for our first year of High School?" i asked looking at my reflection once more. I grew a lot im about 6'2 now. Emily who was my twin sister, but we looked nothing a like. The only features we shared were our nose and color of eye. We both had chocolate brown eyes. Emily was already downstairs, so she didnt hear my question. I always get dazed out and never notice when someone isnt there and had left me. I sighed and walked down for my breakfast.

    SInce my parents died i lived with my aunt. She looked over my way and smiled. "good morning, have some breakfast real quick. You guys are late for school." she said simply and passed me a plate of bacon and eggs and pancakes. I ate quickly than grabbed my backpack and ran out of the door. "hurry up and eat or else im leaving you!" i said over my shoulder. Emily took a quick bite of toast and ran after me. She punched me lightly on the arm. "you have to wait for me." she said simply.

    I finally noticed what she was wearing and frowned. "why are you wearing something like that?" i said pointing at her accusingly. Emily tilted her head her blonde hair, yes blonde hair, fell over her face as she did so. She giggled and tied it in a pony tail. "whats so wrong with it?" she asked looking down at her mini shorts and tank top. "the shorts are too short." i crossed my arms. She just rolled her eyes. "you gotta be kidding me...." she grumbled and walked into the school.

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