• The moon glinted of the river as the thunderous silence jammed up her ears. She panted and moved her dark black hair behind her ear and left a trail of blood where her fingers touched. She whimpered and forced herself up into a standing position. The beautiful moon made her smile weakly until her cough silence the small glint of hope. SHe covered her mouth and shook violently with the cough. With a sigh she shook her hand to get rid of the blood that now stained her fingers.
    "Why have you done this to me Damien? I would have never betrayed you."
    She winced and collapsed to her knees again and felt her wolven ears flex back against her ears. Her tail curled over around her as she fell down onto her side.
    A deep raspy voice answered her question from behind her,"you would have and you know that Kaze, you know very well you would have!"
    Kaze gasped and turned herself despite the urges from the cuts to lay still. SHe whimpered deeply as she stared up at the beautifully chiseled face,"why do you think this? i had no reason to....i...i loved you."
    He scoffed at her words and wrenched her up from her hair,"I wont hear any more of it." Damien shoved her face into the dirt and beat her until his foot hurt and most of her ribs were broken. His usually bright blue eyes now seemed to go black with hate and malice.
    Kaze wept and looked up at him weakly,"why?" Her eyes shook as she heard a sickening giggle come from the side of the woods that surrounded her precious pond behind her. She swept the area with her eyes until the only person she would have ever trusted, beside Damien,sauntered out form behind a large tree.
    "Why hello my precious Kaze!! How is my best friend!" Her words took on a sarcastic innocence that made Kaze have the urge to spit in her face. Kaze growled deep within her throat. She knew all to well of Jenny- Jennifer's power to control someone. Jennifer moved to drape her arms around Damien as he stood almost as still as a statue. She giggled and kissed his cheek before looking at Kaze's horrified face,"i never liked you Kaze...to put it lightly of course," another giggle,"i would rather die then call you my best friend again...i was only using you of course...to get to my baby Damien...he is supposed to be mine...and when your gone he will be."
    Kaze felt her face twist and contort into many emotions as she said her little speech. Her eyes watered and she smiled lightly,"so he isn't the one really hurting me? Thank god."
    This seemed to piss Jennifer off as she controlled Damien into kicking her back into the icy cold water of the pond,"fine!! just for that i wont let you say good bye to him!! drown you idiot!! i hate you!"
    Kaze shuddered as the cold water chilled her to her broken bones. She fought to swim but felt the pain stop her and let her sink to the bottom. Her breaths took in water and made her lungs burn for air to touch them. She saw red as her favorite pond seemed to be taking her life. Before Kaze knew it she felt the darkness closing in on her and soon saw it to. Kaze gave a soft smile as the last thing she saw was that beautiful chiseled face diving into the water.