• As Angel’s companion released his mouth from her neck, he revealed two small puncture wounds. Angel witnessed a mysterious sight; her love had plunged his teeth into his own tongue letting a rush of dark red blood into his mouth. Then his lips meet with Angel’s letting his scarlet blood flow into her mouth. When the pale man could not give any more, he slowly let his lips come off of Angel’s. She stood there for few moments bewildered about what just happen.

    “Now my Dear,” said Mortimer gently, “our love is forever.”

    “What do you mean, my Love?” said Angel curiously. “I feel my normal self.”

    Just then, Angel fainted with the breath of death. Mortimer gently let his arm fold around her to lift her into a dark room in his residents to sleep the morning away.

    Mortimer could never truly sleep in the city of Giza. This city has the flow of energy of the Pharaohs of Egypt’s past. The daylight had faded down pass the horizon and night consumed Giza, the true creatures of the star filled sky had come out to feast upon the guilty.

    By this time, Mortimer had awoken from his never dreaming sleep to find that Angel was awake. The curiosity within her eyes that ignited questions deep within her soul that it could destroy her. Mortimer sensed this fire within Angel and knew that only he could extinguish it.

    He had turn towards Angel, with a gentle calm tone and said, “You must have questions of why I choose you to become a vampire, and the truth about my life. You must learn how to survive inside the world that I brought you into.”

    Mortimer took Angel out into the moonlighted streets of the Giza to find the guilty to feed upon. Angel’s new found taste of blood had her sensing the innocent’s energy; which she can not feast upon without going to the darker side of the world that Angel was born into the night before. Sensing the fury of the thirst within Angel, Mortimer looked at her with his deep blue eyes and said, “You must resist the temptation to feed upon the innocent, I’m taking you to where evil resides within this town to teach you who and how to feed upon your prey.”

    Once Angel heard the flow of these reverberating words from Mortimer’s ashen red lips; the temptation flew out of her mind to the deepest parts of her humanity. They walked to the spiritual water’s edge of a fountain that releasing the dark energy of the Pharaohs.

    “Here my Dear, now you can feed upon the mortals with sin,” said Mortimer coldly. “Here is where guilty and truly evil comer to gather. Here is where your lessons shall take place tonight.” As these words finish echoing off of the outer walls of the surrounding buildings, an adulterer who’s thirst for lust was just satisfied walked out from the most southern ally way; Mortimer whispered, “There is your first prey to rush your fangs into his corrupted vital fluid of life. Now let your new powers attract him to you.”

    Letting her vampire feminine energy entice him towards her, Mortimer stands back in the shadows to point the way to feed upon the ones who have sin. Angel went to his neck to drink from his tainted blood but Mortimer stop her by saying, “Halt. Quell your thirst in your in own way.” Then a luster twinkle of imagination from out of Angel’s royal amethyst eyes. She ripped off the shirt of the adulterer to his hairless chest. Angel bent down right over his heart and let mouth rest upon his skin. Opening her mouth slowly, Angel placed her fangs towards the adulterer‘s beating heart. He felt her sharp teeth puncture his skin without knowing that he will die within a few minutes. These last minutes of the adulterer life, he experienced pleasure like never before.

    In the shadows, Mortimer smiled with energetic pride. Angel was drinking with grace that would shame the queen of all vampires, without a lesson in this new life of hers. As soon as the last drop of blood was about to be taken, Mortimer yelled, “Stop! The last drop of blood is deadly to our kind. This drop contains the spirit of the evildoer. Now, heal his wound with a small amount of blood from your veins.”

    Kneeling near the corpse of the adulterer, Angel slit her palm with her vampire nails. A slow steady of blood from her hand, Angel allowed her hand gently press the wound upon the adulterer’s heart. As the blood slowly enter the wound to gradually seal up with each drop of blood.

    As she rose from the prey’s side, Mortimer calm voice came to Angel’s ears to hear, “Lets go back to my chambers to talk about the truth of my life.”

    As they walk back from the body Angel’s first victim, she smiled with relief. With her thirst quenched, Angel realized that she could hear the thought of the people around her except Mortimer’s. She knew this would be explained when they reached their distention.