• Axl… Will he be OK?
    Narrator: One night, X is carrying Axl because he’s damaged (as in Rockman X8 ending). They finally reached the base and let him lie down in a capsule. X and Zero left for a while and…
    Alumna: Axl will wake up soon.
    Narrator: When Alumna is looking on Axl’s face, He groaned and he woke up! biggrin He sitted and looked everywhere. He seems like he don’t understand what’s happening.
    Alumna: Hi! ^w^
    Axl: What happened? Why am I here?
    Alumna: You are hit by Lumine on your… memory unit?
    Axl: Huh?
    Narrator: Alia saw what’s happening so she told X and Zero what happened and the two hurried back to the part of the base where Axl is.
    X: Are you ok?
    Axl: Woah! X, you are… color ORANGE! And Alumna is color black… instead of white. What’s happening?
    Zero: …
    Alumna: Axl, maybe you’re having a negative effect vision.
    Alia: Negative effect vision… So my “flesh – colored” part will be blue to him. I’ll just test his memory. I’ll just ask a few questions to him.
    Alumna: I think he’s not feeling ok, is he?
    Narrator: Axl answered most of the questions correctly but as well as wrong. He’s half nervous answering because he’s not sure if the reploids being with him are really them. He can’t even remember who’s Red.
    X: WOAH!! :O
    Narrator: Axl’s shattered gem started to have electrifying bolts and it spreads to his whole body. He shoutted and shoutted and the others don’t know what to do. He stopped shouting and suddenly shutted down, making the whole room very quiet.
    Author’s comments: Alumna is only an invented character I made. I made this story because of my dream. I dreamed all this story but I edited the ending and I added Alumna in the whole scene. Isn’t it it’s like a part of RockmanX9? ^^