• Once upon a time there was a young hyena walking across the canyon. He was funny looking and was always trying to hide from mean animals. ninja One day when he was walking home, three mean hyenas started to harass the young hyena. "Hey boss," the hyena on the right said giggling evily pirate , "look at this wimpy thing." he snarled. "Ye, ye, yehahahah," rofl the hyena on the left snarled, "ehehehe, he looks stupidly funny." rofl The young hyena started to cry crying "Why do you do this to me?" he said. "Because it's fun." the hyena in the middle said grinning. xd The the three hyenas started pounding on the young hyena and he was running home crying in so much fear. crying Then the three hyenas started laughing until the ran out of breath and thats why the hyena seems to be laughing all the time.

    Not a true story, but I made this story.