• Dear Sweet Heart,
    What I the world was to end in this very second,
    What If what we broke up.
    What if the realtion ship was just our imagination.
    What if what we belive in is not true.
    What would happen if the world would just blow up, were would you go.
    I know were you would be.
    In my heart were you allways were.
    Even if you would not care you would allways be thier at the bottom of my heart becuse i will never give up on loving you.
    You know ill move on and i know you will too ,
    but life goes on and love moves on .
    We will see each other in life but, one never forgets the memories shared.
    I know that the person you love might not be me but you are the one for me.

    love you drealy,your Sweet Heart

    P.S. i love you