• Demon Eyes Zero or DEZ was not born in any known town in gaia. He was found in front of a small village in the mountains. He was about 6 and was covered in bruises and scars.
    The small village was hesitant to adopted him because of his strange gold eyes and tail. One of his eyes was covered in a bandage and he had strange tattos on his face. The villagers debated wether to throw him back into the wild or bring him into their homes.

    The villagers eventually agreed he could stay till his injuries healled but no one seemed to want to let him into their own home. Only one villager agreed to let DEZ into her home. Her name was Rose and she treated him like the son she never had. One day while he was out walking with Rose they were attacked by a pack of wild wolves. DEZ stepped up to defend Rose. He grabbed a nearby stick and removed the bandage over his eye. When he opened his eye a blue crystal monacle appeared over it. He began to wield the stick as a makeshift sword and moved with a quickness a speed that should have been impossible for any human to move at. He fended off the wolves and when news of this spread throught the village he was welcomed home with open arms by everyone. One day they decide to teach him the towns main trade, swordsmanship.

    The village was not known by a name but only as the place were great heroes were born. DEZ was a quick learner and soon was able to compete with adults without the use of his demon eyes. He graduated and became an S class swordsman at the age of 12, the youngest the village had ever seen.

    Several years later...

    One day while dez was walking with Rose a strange creature attacked them from no where. " Get behind me Rose" DEZ charged at the creature but none of his attacks had any realy effect. "Damn, Rose run back and get help!"
    As Rose ran back for help DEZ realeased the bandages on his eye reaveling the crystal monacle. Even with the power of his demon eye DEZ could not defeat the creature.
    When Rose came back with the villagers they watched in horror as DEZ was thrown into a tree. Rose ran over to DEZ to find him slowly losing consciouseness. "DEZ...DEZ........PLease.....wake up DEZ ........"

    DEZ awoke the next day to find the village completly destroyed. He ran back to Rose's small house to find her half burried in the wreckage.
    "Rose....noo... what happened .....where is everyone.....eerything...."
    "Ooo DEz... is that u?....nothing we had could defeat it...and they just kept coming.."
    "What kept coming please tell me....what destroyed our home?"
    "...The Animated......"
    "What? What are the animated."
    "I dont know but our normal weapons did not work on them......head south....find....the rings......use them to defeat the animated....."
    "I will I swear it"

    DEZ then left for the south heading hoping to find some way to avenge his home and defeat the animated.