• Chapter 2: The Tale of the Honest Nephew

    In 1881, in the state of Alabama the Richfelds went for an evening walk with their newborn. The baby was only one month old at the time was not really familiar with his parents. When they were crossing a crosswalk they got hit by a car that had ran the red light. The only one that survived was the newborn. The baby was adopted by his aunt. His aunt already had a child and whenever her child did something wrong, the nephew was blamed and punished for it. Even though the nephew always told the truth, he would still get in trouble.

    When the aunt’s child was ten-years-old he died of a rare disease. But for some strange reason the aunt blamed her nephew for her child’s death. In 1896, when the nephew was fifteen-years-old he went for an evening walk with his aunt. When they were crossing the crosswalk they got hit by a car that ran the red light. Yet again the only one that survived was the nephew. The day after the aunt’s death she was buried in Archibald Cemetery in Georgia, where she had been born. After she was buried it started to rain and everybody left except for the nephew.
    “I know you didn’t mean it. All those things you did to me,” said the nephew as if was talking to his aunt. “I wish you were still alive.” He stared at the tombstone for a few minutes. Then he noticed a shadow on the tombstone. It appeared to be a person standing behind, so he turned around to see who it was. To his amazement he sees a dark figure with a huge sickle standing behind him. “Would you like me to take you now? Or would you rather prefer you stay here on this earth and suffer your loss?” , asked the dark figure with a sardonic smile on his face.

    The strangest thing about the Reaper is that he does not have a face. But some times all you see is a mouth. The rest would all be in shadow. And you never know when it’s him. “Who are you?” , asked the nephew full of fear. “Who? Me? I am the Reaper, and I have come to take your soul. So I ask you. Do you want to stay here, or go to heaven where you can see your aunt?” The nephew gave an answer quickly. “I would like to go to heaven to be with my aunt.”

    “Then so it is,” said the Reaper picking up his sickle. The Reaper got his sickle and turned it so that the end faced the nephew. He hit the nephew with the end of the sickle right onto the middle of his head. The nephew”s body fell straight to the floor. It did not move. It seemed as if his soul was gone. And it was. The nephew’s soul went straight up to heaven in peace to be with his aunt.

    What’s strange about this tale is that the very next morning on every morning paper was an article about a murderer who was found killed. This murderer is the same one that purposely killed the nephew’s mother, father, and aunt by running a red light.
    copyright of DEC 2007