• Chapter 1: Introduction

    In the beginning God created everything you see and everything you do not. God created us, man in his own image. God placed man in a garden full of everything man would need. God told man that he was ruler over everything on earth. God gave man his first job, giving everything that lived a name. After this was done God gave man the Garden of Eden and told man that he could eat from any tree in the garden except for one. That tree was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Man did not know why he could not eat from that tree, but why would man need to when there were plenty of others. One day man was standing next to the tree when a serpent came along and asked man, ”Why do you not just eat from the tree?” “Because God said not to that if I did eat from it I would die,” replied man. “The only reason God doesn’t want you to eat from it because you will become smarter than God himself,” said the serpent.

    Man didn’t know who to believe so he took a fruit off branch of the tree and took a bite. All of a sudden man noticed he had no clothes on and ran behind a bush to cover himself.
    God immediately noticed what man had done and called to man, “Where are you? Come out I know what you have done.” Man came out from where he was and walked towards God. “Why did you eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?” “Because the serpent told me that nothing bad would happen, so I ate from it.” “Serpent come out.” the serpent came out and stood in front of God. “Serpent for your sin you will from now on forever slither among the ground or speak,” God said to the serpent. And after God said this the serpent could only slither along the ground and he could no longer speak. “Man for your sin against me you will be cast out from the Garden of Eden and will have to make your own food, clothes, and shelter.” So man left the Garden of Eden and had to do what God said.

    Because of man sinning many years ago we cannot go one day without sinning. Many centuries later man had already populated the earth. And to make sure that man would not over populate God created a being. A being whose only purpose is that. He is called by man The Grim Reaper, Shinigami, or just the Reaper. We do not know what God called it all we know is it’s purpose.
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