• Dear Boy,

    I know you don't know me yet, and I don't know you yet, but I wanted to write this and have you read it in later years when we do know each other.

    As much as I wish I could know you how, I know I can't because, being so young, I know we can't meet this early. Or perhaps maybe we can, it's happened before, you see that kind of thing on TV these days.

    I ask that, when we are together, you won't compare me to other girls. I know I may not be the skinniest or the shortest girl you're hoping for (but I think tall girls are "in" now, aren't they? I hope they'll still be when we're together…), but I hope that you'll love me for my brown eyes and sweet smile. But the beauty I possess is real. It isn't massive amounts of strange creams and lotions, it isn't catastrophically expensive spa treatments and needle pricks on my face, it is all God-given and for you. I have a smile that shines brighter than the sun and brown eyes that are big and sincere.

    I ask that when I fall asleep, that you won't make fun of the fact that I snore too much (because it is a little funny, I'll admit). If you have a different religion or belief than I do, I'll respect that if you respect my beliefs as well. And I hope that the fact that we may have different beliefs won't drive us apart.

    I hope you'll know that when you're hurt, I'll only care about you, not where you were or how you got injured. (But I hope you'll tell me later.) I hope you'll know that I'll be there to hold you when you're sad, that I'll be your support when you need it most. I hope you'll know that when you're frustrated about something, I'll be there to hear you rant.

    I hope you know that, when you do something stupid, I won't roll my eyes too much.

    Please understand that I may not be the model-type girl you've probably dreamed of, but I am her on the inside.

    I hope that when I wake up in the morning with my hair tangled and messy and my make-up that I didn't bother to take off the night before smeared all around my face, you'll still see me as the wonderful person you fell in LOVE with.

    I hope when the day comes when we finally meet, you won't judge me on the first impression I give you. I tend to come off a little… well… You'll find out. And I promise to do the same for you.

    And if we should part ways, I hope that we can remain friends. I know that hardly ever works, but if you know me and I know you, I think it will work. But if it doesn't work, I hope and pray we'll always remember each other, the days, weeks, or years we shared together.

    I promise to fill your life with laughter and love, because to me, that's all that's important in life. I promise to be patient with you and to be loyal and true to you and to you only when we're together. I promise not to cry too much around you, because I know it kind of freaks guys out when girls do that. I promise not to be angry with you too much, because that's frustrating for me and you. I promise to be the best person as possible when I'm with you.

    We'll find each other one day, when we do, I wonder if you're going to be everything I've imagined you to be. But if you're not? If you're completely opposite to what I expect? I think I'll LOVE you even more.

    And that, my dear, is the truth.

    Wishing you well,