• It was summer, and the weather was at its worst. The land was becoming dry and hot, and most of the crops died, plants withered like the hopes of the village. It was so dry that water became scarce. Because the crops could not grow and food was little the livestock died and soon the villagers, one by one fell into a death of starvation that slowly grew upon them, breath by breath. A dreadful thing had struck upon them, a plague from darkness and a curse from hell.

    A young boy no more than twelve walked down the dry, rocky path toward the dried up lake not so far away. He was looking for any sign of water, for hopes for his family. But the lake was as dry as it had been for weeks and still no sign of rain. The new land that was once covered by water smelt of rotten water plants, yet it didn’t stop the boy from keeping his mind from curiosity. He picked up a stick from a dead tree, crouched down and probed at the mud next to him. While poking at the dried up lake he heard a noise, and something moving but when he looked everything was as still, and lifeless as always, but again he saw something move. He slowly walked closer to get a better look, and “Jason! Jason! What are you doing down there! You know you’re not supposed to here, it’s forbidden!” cried out his mother running down the sandy hill. He turned back to where the creature was but it must of fled, “Mother, I saw something, there was something alive!” said Jason excitedly, “Don’t be ridiculous Jason, there’s nothing out there, come on get out!” she said hastily which he knew well, that something wasn’t right. He slowly walked towards her, until something caught his eye, it was the creature again. “Mum there it is, it the thing I’m talking about” he said, pointing out to the thing scratching through sand. It was a large bird, with black feathers, huge sharp talons, cat like eyes and spikes on its back, Jason thought it was pretty cool, but his mother was filled with dread. “Jason don’t go near that, just come back here right now!” panicked his mother, but he ignore by the fact that he never saw anything like it or anything in that matter.(havn't finished xp )