• “Night mom!” The last words I may have ever said to my mom come shooting out of my mouth like instinct. I head up stairs to my room, to crawl under my warm blankets, hoping they will stay with me through the cold winter night. Snap! I had forgotten to brush my teeth. I walked into the dark, quiet room and turned on the lights. Ah! Sigh…it was just the grumpy old Santa Clause, my mom had forgotten to put away tonight, that frightened me. As I grab the things I need to brush my teeth I see my mom, in her Christmas PJs, walk through the hall to her bedroom. Finally, I finished brushing my teeth so now I can relax and fall asleep. “Ah…” I say as I get comfortable in my bed. In a few seconds I’m asleep.

    “Ahhh!” A loud screech wakes me up. I jump of bed and zoom down the hallway toward the noise. It had come from my mom’s bedroom. I ran even faster but I soon stop dead in my tracks. In the shadowed doorway of my mother’s room stood a man, a tall, fierce looking man. He was six foot, and had a pointed chin and nose. He had a long black coat on and a creepy, evil-like grin smeared on his face. He was staring with his black, terrifying eyes. I they could talk I would bet my life that they were chanting “Death” over and over again. I couldn’t scream and I was about to turn around but I saw something else. It was a dagger, screaming blooding murder in my ears, covered in red, dripping blood. My mother’s blood! I froze. I felt paralyzed for the next five seconds still staring at the knife. He took a step near me, then another. Thankfully, I turned around and my eyes left the dagger. I ran down the stairs and out the door. I keep running and running, as far as my legs will take me. It doesn’t seem to be enough. I feel his presents close behind me but I don’t hear a single footstep except for mine. I run and run but then I look back. He isn’t there. Still running I trip on a rock in the snow. I fall but catch myself. I slowly pick myself up and start to walk for I believe he is not longer following me. I cry and morn for my mom. Suddenly, I here a simple laugh behind me. It’s him! I run but I have little energy left so I zoom into an alley and hid in the garbage. I see him walk by but he doesn’t seem to see me so he leaves and walks down the street. “Few!” I sigh. I stay in the garbage a little longer to make sure he still isn’t there. I climb out but realize that it is mid-winter and I’m in Alaska. I can’t stay where I am nor go back to the house because my mom is dead and the murder will be waiting for me. I decide that I will cautiously go back to near my house and knock on my neighbors door. I slowly walk out of the alley. I look around and all the shops are closed and the all the lights are off except for a few street lights. I turn to head to my neighbors house and bump into a tall man. I look up and see a creepy, evil-like grin companied by a pointed nose a chin and to black, terrifying eyes. He grabs me buy the arm and as he stabs me with the same dagger that killed my mom I scream will all the energy I have left. I fall, unconscious, onto the cold side walk where I’m left through the winter night.

    I shoot up out of my bed grabbing my stomach. I check and feel my whole body to see if it is still there. Oh, thank goodness, it was just a dream. I run over to my mother’s room to find cops and C.S.I. men. There, lying beside my mom’s bed, is my mom. She is dead with a puncture hole from a knife in her chest. I walk over and fall to the floor weeping over her head. After I’m done I try to cheer myself up by telling myself she had died middle-aged and in her favorite bunny rabbit PJs. I get dressed and go for a walk to shake it all off but I wonder how she still died and I lived with not even a scratch as evidence that I was hurt by the man who killed my mom. I find myself near where I thought I was stabbed. A whole bunch of more cops and C.S.I. guys surrounding something. I easily make my way through. What! I can’t be dead! I’m right here all skin and bones, I hope. I’m stunned as I see myself lying dead on the ground with a dagger in my stomach. Duh! You idiot! Of course! No one even bother to ask you anything, they didn’t even notice you! As I yell at myself a bright light catches my eyes. I look into thinking it is God telling me it is time to go to heaven. I jump up trying to follow the light.

    Ugh! I hit smack down on the ground. I find myself beside my bed on the floor. It wasn’t God telling me to go to heaven it was just the sun shining into my room through the window. I run into the bathroom and look in the mirror. I see myself! I’m alive! I scream for joy at the top of my lungs. My mom quickly rushes to the bathroom to ask what happened. She was wearing her Christmas PJs. “What happened? Everything okay?” I calmly reply “I had a dream last night”