• "I'm finally in." Louluka Tsubonashi huffed. "After two years of excitement." Starr Academy has only students with starr abilities, just like Alice Academy. Loulu's is able-to-turn-into-a-leopard. She is ten, by the way. Here she is:User Image]
    She looked around the campus. She spotted her best friend.
    "Imai! Hey, Imai!" she shouted, running towards her. Imai looked at her and smiled. Here's Imai:
    User Image]
    Her real name is Imaikozubai Tamarekichai. She was with Daisuke Nakajima, her boy friend. Here is Daisuke:
    User Image]
    She looked around. 'Where is Rich?' she wondered. Rich was her boy friend. He covered her eyes and said, "Guess who?"
    "Uh... Richard." she said.
    "Yeah, but keep guessing anyway." he said.
    "Richard." said Loulu.
    "Aw, I can't fool ya." he let go of her and grinned. Here's Richard:
    User Image]
    She smiled back. Imai looked at her in fear. Loulu noticed.
    "What's it?" she asked. Imai ran away. Daisuke looked too and nearly choked. He turned and ran too. Loulu looked behind her. A woman looked at her coldly.
    "It's Arkellar!" Rich said. He grabbed her hand and ran.
    "What was that about?!" she nearly shouted when he stopped running. He said he'd tell her later. The nezt day, Imai woke Loulu up... at 4:00 in the morning!!!
    "Ahhh!!! Leeme lone!" Loulu yelled when Imai turned on the lights. Loulu got up and dressed. She frowned at Imai.
    "Sorry!" Imai said. She suddenly grasped her head. She looked at Loulu in confusion. "I-I don't... who are you?" she asked. She fell to the floor, unconscious.

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